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I support women and men as they journey inward to release pain, open their hearts, and create a life they love. Pushing Beauty is the hub for you to learn how to do these things.

Most of the work I do focuses on using Breathwork to release pain and limitations combined with intuitive mentoring to process healing and take action steps to create sustainable change.

I work with people in the following ways in a one-on-one capacity as well as in group workshops. I also have self-lead programs that open from time to time. 

The best way to get more familiar with my work is to read my articles on heartbreak, healing, self-love, abundance, training the mind, growth, energy, and the soul.

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How to Find True Happiness A Four Step Guide to Self Love

I created a free audio course as a gift for you. It's called How to Find True Happiness: A 4 Step Guide to Self Love. In it you'll discover three simple, but profound principles and my powerful go-to practice that will help you uncover what's already within you.

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"Your writing is amazing. I have been reading your articles for a couple months. Your article, "Stop Making Your Life So Hard" is me and I feel like your summed up my whole life in a couple of paragraphs." —Julie

" just wanted to tell you that your articles literally helped me get through another sleepless night of heart ache. I have been reading and devouring everything you have written since (for the last few days) and it's truly life saving during a time (the holidays and a gut wrenching break up) that I can barely function in." —Elana 

"I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to your emails immensely and they are currently adding the most value to my life of all of my email subscriptions. I was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, but further I also battle anxiety and depression. Your emails, playlists, and Twitter and Instagram posts are teaching me how to love and take care of myself, and how to be happy again." —Jess 
"In the 5 years since my divorce, I have read everything I can on healing from heartbreak. Always looking for that one thing that would tell me how to get over losing my best friend, my soul mate, my husband of 20 years to another woman. Your writing is the first I have read that perfectly describes what I went through. Thank you for this. I knew I wasn't alone. I had just never come across anyone that really understood. Until now." —Bonnie 
I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU for sharing all these articles with us!!!! I truly resonate with your story and am in the exact spot at the moment.  I'm really excited to read all of these!!!! I just read the stop worrying about being not good enough and holy crap was that ever the truth haha. I look forward to reading more articles and again Thank you! —Lianne
"I subscribed to your newsletters a few weeks ago. I can honestly say I have become exhilarated by your exuberance and love of life - it's contagious! Thank you. I am finding myself for the first time and am beginning to love myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  —Angela
"I'm 18. Recent events in my life have been a bit more than just your usual teenage angst, and coming across your article (How To Know If You're With The Right Person) totally blew my mind and helped me regain some strength in myself. I couldn't believe how incredible it was, and had to contact you just to say thank you. It is, now, helping me make the right decision on how to move forward. Thank you for writing something so authentic, and hard-hitting. I'm so grateful for your advice. Because of it my love life is blossoming." —Livvy