A Bird Will Poop On Your Head


The mind likes routine, and we’ve come to like it, too. Most of us have an outline, a framework in our minds, of what our day will be like. We’ve become so attached to this structure that we believe it to be the truth. We forget that it just might not go that way.

This relationship to life has left us increasingly closed off to the unknown, more predictable, and hidden from spontaneity, change, and humility. We’ve got it all figured out, we think. But...

A bird will poop on your head. 

Then what?

And what happens when the coffee bag is empty? How do we respond when there’s a line at the gas station making us 10 minutes late to an important meeting? What do we do when we simply need to drop a letter at the post office, but pull in to find an old lady clogging up the lot because she’s having trouble parking? Do we beep the horn? Do we roll our eyes? Do we take a deep breath when we feel tension rising? Do we even notice? Do we smile? Turn up the music and sing a little louder? Appreciate that we will hopefully be just as old one day? The question is: How do we choose to respond?

The way we respond is everything. It’s easy to go about life cheery when it’s all going your way. But, you can do all the planning in the world, you can try to control your life as much as you want, and still the baby will spit up on your new sweater, someone will key the words, “Thug Life” into your car, and a bird will poop on your head on your way to a hot date. These moments are reality checks; we are not too good for life.


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