Each Moment is an Opportunity: What Are You Choosing?

A stranger came into my life. He took his thumb and gently, but firmly, pushed it into my soul. He said many things to me. He said surprising things, some things that I didn't agree with, and things that made me smile. But mostly he said things that made me think, made me question the way I think, and made me more than happy to have his challenge in my life. Recently he said this:

I realize that I have to commit to love again and again, until it is a natural rhythm in my life, like each breath. Each current moment is another chance to commit to love. Each past moment is already gone, and each future moment isn't here yet. So I have to commit to love and healing in every moment of every day.

These beautiful and profound words relate to everything in life.

Each moment we have an opportunity. Each moment we get to choose love.

Right now there is unlimited potential. In this very moment there is nothing but possibility. How often do we engage with the present in this way? It’s always here, right now. Yet we often engage with it as if it’s fixed. We tend to live for the next moment rather than the one that exists now.

Once we’ve woken up to this reality we have to decide what to choose. This is when we can see the conclusions that we’ve drawn about life and how they influence our choices. It's one thing to recognize the potentiality, but what’s even more important is what we are choosing in those moments.

Right now, as you read this words, is an opportunity of unlimited potential.

Anything can happen.

What do you choose?