Live While You Have The Chance


I’ve always been fascinated by death. I think it began in wonderment of the inevitable reality that one moment we exist in form and the next something indescribable has faded from it. I have memories of being small and sitting on my bed with my mom as we shared our awe of the life and death nature of our beings. When I’ve lost loved ones I’ve found my mind fixated on what the experience of their last moments might have been like. I’ve imagined various realities of my own demise and experienced the immediate presence it brings with it.

I think this grappling with death pushed me to cling to life. Instead of seeking out reassurance in death (an afterlife, perhaps) I deeply desired an understanding of life. I was always willing to forgo the safety of feeling good for truth. And on my path it feels as if I’ve uncovered more and more of it. I know that the deepest part of who I am, the absolute dimension of the self, is indestructible, forever there, and always who I am body or not.

Still, I’m afraid to surf. The ocean lures me in, and fear spits me back out. Wiping salt water from my eyes I realized I’d just realized something and began to consider what this fear meant for my life. Through this contemplation I’ve discovered that my life has been gripped by fear in so many other ways. I visualized myself on a deathbed; I felt so clearly the regret, the unfulfilled desires, the more, more, more I wanted to do. I knew that I needed to truly live in each moment in order to accept death. It’s not about needing to do more, per say. But, it’s about being satisfied and fulfilled in each moment. It means living the truth I know.

We often talk about living like today is our last. This isn’t the same thing. It may sound like it, but it’s not. It’s not about taking that trip to Africa or telling people you love them more. (But, do those things!) This is about a fundamental relationship to life. This is more than about being present. This is more than about taking action.

It’s that tipping point where you know you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing, and that this process is everything and so worth everything.

When you awaken to this it almost (ALMOST!) doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re in it.

So this is the challenge: be you. You will never be satisfied with life if you don’t know who you are. Discover the deepest truths of life, but also discover what it means to be you- the unique, relative dimension of the manifest world. When you are truly you only then can you create the life you want to live and only then can you fully give yourself to the world, to be of service to this amazing, awe-inspiring process and know what it means to live while you have the chance.

Photo Credit: Sterling Ross