How To Really Change The World


Change the world. This has been my mantra, and according to this article it’s been the same for most other millennials. Along with my peers, I prefer to purchase goods from philanthropic companies and would take a pay cut to do something that matters to me. But unlike many of them, I’m aware of our true lack in autonomy and the price our world is paying for it.

We’re doing amazing things with technology; we’re helping so many more people, and we know that there are still so many more who need help. I believe that we can create revolutionary change. I believe we will be able to create ideas on our own that we couldn’t otherwise. I believe our ideas will collide with one another, fusing into new concepts that can create unprecedented influence in the world. And I believe we have to do it through discovering who we really are, through freeing ourselves of our cultural chains, and through daring to express the seemingly neurotic ideas that will expose themselves to us. Yes, I think we can solve it all. You might call this collective hubris, but think about it this way:

If the universe has unlimited possibilities, then this has to be one of them.

So, what’s holding us back? We’re unwilling to see the truth that we’ve become imprisoned by the culture, family, and friends we love dearly. We’ve emerged into this world vibrating with potential that has quietly been suffocated until we’ve unconsciously conformed into a cultural robot. The truth is, most of us don’t have a clue who we really are. We’ve just ended up at this time in space as this personality paired with a name, a family, and a history; that is us. We’ve deceived ourselves into believing we’re each unique when we act like everyone else, think like everyone else, and follow the same paths like everyone else. Let’s be honest: very few of us are breaking new ground. The movers and shakers exist, but out of the 7 billion people on this planet I’d dare to say you’d have to squint to see the sliver in the pie chart. In the meantime massive environmental and humanitarian issues float onward.

We’ve spent a long time looking through the window. Now, I think we need to go inward amongst all the trends, all the chaos, all the gossip, and all the goodness. I think we need to look inside ourselves and discover who we really are within a culture that has formed our opinions of ourselves. We need to question what is actually true to us and what we’ve unknowingly adopted that is time to shed. We need to hold compassion for ourselves, love ourselves, and then push that beauty into the world through whichever means comes from our own souls. Only once we know who we are can we create something truly unique- a mark of Michelle or Ryan or Liz or James- that is full of us, not our distorted selves. When we’re able to come from this place and be that in the world, our decisions start to change, our worlds shift and collide, and we will be better poised to create organizations and structures that revolutionarily change the world.

It took a lot for me to realize that wanting to change the world was part of an identity.

This doesn’t mean I don’t really want to change the world. But, I now see that part of looking outward was due to a fear of looking inward and discovering that I’m not actually who I thought I was. I believe we all need to know who we are as the unique individual who happens to be alive at this time in this place- the person who is different from anyone else who has existed and anyone else who will ever exist. I believe that person needs to be true to themselves because their unique contribution means something to all of this, to all of us. We’re so consumed with what’s going on outside of ourselves that we’ve lost ourselves. We’ve absorbed our personas from culture and something beautiful has been lost. But, it’s something we can each reclaim, and once we do that the world begins to change because we’ve changed.

Photo Credit: Sterling Ross