You Have All The Time In The World


I talk on the phone. A lot. I Skype and Facetime, too. This is what happens when you live in LA and your friends and family are dispersed throughout the country. I talk to my girlfriends for hours on end sometimes. I talk to my mom most days; my brothers, too. My Dad and I text a lot. I talked to one of my sisters today for an hour, my brother for 15, and am meeting a local friend for dinner tomorrow night.

I practice yoga at a studio four days a week and practice at home a few of the others.

I go on hikes on the weekend.

I paint for three hours most Sundays.

I meditate every morning.

I run my own little business M-F.

I write a blog. Two blogs.

I cook meals.

I take my dog on 20-30 minute walks twice a day.

I read books. Right now I’m reading Vagabonding and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.

I do some other things, too, but I won’t continue to bore you with them.

The reason I’m telling you this is because we have tricked ourselves into believing we don’t have time.

We can’t seem to find it. I spend my time doing things that feed my soul. I’ve created this life, and it may not be any more special than another’s but what I’ve discovered through this fullness is that I always have room for more. I always seem to have time to catch up with my best friends, to text silly emoticons with my little sister, to go to my friend’s for dinner, to be there when someone needs me, to meditate, to be creative, to have fun, and to do my job.

We make space for the things that are important to us, and when we’re balanced, when our souls are at ease, we somehow have all the time we need.

What things are so important to you that you find all the time you need?