Stop Negative Thinking: Turn to the Bright Side

My friends invited me over for dinner. I had some stuff going on in my mind that had been consuming me, exhausting me on every level. But, I walked in cheery. We ate a wonderful meal, and I proceeded to sit at their kitchen table venting about the things that were on my mind.

After a few minutes of silently listening to my unconscious purging my friend finished the dishes, wiped his hands dry, looked me in the eye and said, “Ok. Now tell me something good.”

This is the job of a good friend: he listens and then nudges you back to yourself.

I felt a little embarrassed, to be honest. I’m usually the positive person, the one excited and sharing something new I’d just learned or asking questions about my friends’ projects. I had been talking about all of the little negative things that weren’t even the heart of what was really going on in my life.

I wasn’t being who I wanted to be. I saw that. I accepted it. Then I thought, “Challenge accepted. Ok, Michelle. Think of something good, something good, something…” I’m someone who doesn’t have to look far to find the beauty in life, but for a minute I was flat.

And then I found it. It was something that had happened only hours earlier, but it was difficult for me to see at first.

when it’s tough to pull ourselves out of our negativity it’s a sure sign we’re off balance.

And I was. I had some dramas in my life that were draining my energy—more than I realized. Instead of dealing with those things, I was focusing on all of the minute negativities and frustrations that seemed to be all around me. But the beauty of my friend’s slight nudge was that it snapped me back to life. It helped me see that I was sinking in my circumstances, that I was a little out of whack, and that I had the ability to see it and change it.

And the amazing thing was that it was that easy. I talked about my positive experience, and it made me feel great. Then they shared some things of their own.

The conversation turned to the bright side and we drank wine and listened to records and shared and laughed.

If you're feeling negative right now what's one thing you can share to turn to the bright side?

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