Desire From My Soul: I Want More


I want more freedom.
More not-giving-a-fuck.
More dancing through the world like I’m alone in my bedroom not-giving-a-fuck.
More happiness and delight for the sake of just being happy and delighted.
More embracing the possibilities of each moment.
More free falling into the deep end of the endless abyss we call love.
More accepting of my face, my skin, my body.
More embracing of my left side and my right.
More willingness to let my body move the way it wants to move.
More sitting in the greatness of the truth that I am unique and important and worthy.

More getting over myself to get into myself.

More allowing the sound of my voice to flow up and out of me and into this incredible world that surrounds me.
More appreciating the view in front of me, whatever it may be.
More attending to the joy in my belly when I hear my friend’s baby telling the world she exists.
More kissing without worrying about where the future of our lips will lay.
More accepting of the gifts the world offers up to me.

Yes, I want more.
But still I sit in contentment in the present moment in blissful gratitude, knowing that all the more I need is right here, right now.