Fearless: Becoming Free Of Another's Burdens


One day someone might tell you they are afraid for you. They might tell you they are afraid you’re going to get hurt, that they’re afraid your tiny little heart will be broken into so many pieces you could never put them back together unless they were there to help you. They might tell you they’re afraid, but you’ll know the truth.

You’ll know that when they tell you they’re afraid you’ll get hurt they are really saying they’re afraid they’ll get hurt. Because you know that fear hides under the guise of empathy. You’ll know tongue-tied sentences speak the truth of projection. Because you’ll know that fear is owned only by the fearful. You’ll know that no one can give you their fear if you don’t let them. You’ll know what’s yours and what’s theirs.

They may try to convince you that it’s all about you. But you’ll know it’s all about them because you work on you and they should work on them. But those who work on you don’t have the time or energy to work on them. You'll know that their mind tells them a story about you that allows them to walk in long circles around their own truth. And you are only interested in sitting in the middle of the circle, arms stretched wide, embracing all that is yours to embrace.

And you'll know that another’s fear is not your burden to carry, my dear.