The Only Choice

The Only Choice | Pushing Beauty Michelle D'Avella Breathwork | Stop Comparing Yourself

You know that thing that someone has when they’re on fire? Ignited, I mean. It’s this spark that fuels them. They know their purpose and have no doubts that they’re moving the way they need to move. We look at them and see the thing we want for ourselves; we can sense that they know something we don't quite know yet. These people have this thing called conviction, a deep, undeniable knowing that, yes, this is the way. It’s compelling; it pulls us to them. These are the people we often admire because they inspire us. But, many times our admiration contorts and appears through the face of envy. 

Envy has become the status quo reaction to our misconception that other people have something we don't. In reality there are no chosen ones. There is only a choice. The only difference between them and you is that they have decided that there is only one choice: to listen to their soul. 

Fear does not evade any human beings. There is only a choice to keep going when fear shows itself. When you know yourself deeply you begin to recognize that to make any other choice besides the one that is aligned with your deepest truth leads to suffering. It's not possible to be happy when the most important part of you is screaming to go this way and the scaredy cat in you chooses to go the other way. 

But when we choose the path of the soul in the face of fear, we are propelled forward with momentous conviction. We become ignited and are suddenly moving forward on a path that is purely unique to us. This is a path mainstream and counter cultures can’t dictate for us. In order to find this path we have to learn to listen to ourselves, to have courage, to take chances, and to trust ourselves more deeply than anyone else. When we listen deeply we know there is only once choice to make. And then fear doesn't stop us because what is louder and clearer is the part deep within that has a mission, and we’re too busy with that to care about fear. 

So the next time you think someone else is living a life more spectacular than yours, remember that you have your own spectacular life to live. If you’re envious it’s probably because you’re not on your mission. Spit out a million and one reasons why you can’t have it, and that becomes your reality; it becomes your choice. There is only one path that you really need to be on, and it’s the path your soul is leading you on. Your job is to do everything in your power to learn how to listen to it, to learn to trust it, and to stop believing that you have no voice to be heard.