If You're Afraid Your Dream Won't Come True

If you're afraid your dreams won't come true

The other day someone asked me what my biggest fear is. I honestly don’t think I have one anymore. Oh, I’m sure I could still say death because when there’s an earthquake my body panics. But I think that’s probably more of a physical reaction at this point than a true fear of death. So I responded that I don’t think I’m really afraid of anything anymore. I don’t see the point. There’s too much incredibleness we don’t get to experience when we choose to live in fear. 

So then he told me his fear. His fear was that he’d end up living a status quo life and none of his dreams would be fulfilled. So this strikes me as odd. And it strikes me as odd because I don’t orient myself to life in this way where things happen to me. I know that I have a choice in my life in each moment so there is no way I could suddenly wake up and be like, “Oh shit, how did this life happen?” No. I made this life happen, every step of the way.

So what this boils down to is consciousness and trust. If we’re in tune with ourselves and trust that we’re on the right path, fear dissolves. I am constantly asking myself what my motivations are, feeling into if this is something I really want for my life, if this is something that will really make me happy. If we keep checking in we don’t need to fear that we’ll become zombies and suddenly wake up with a zombie family, driving around a zombie-mobile, and working a zombiefied job. 

We are responsible for our own lives. We are responsible for where we end up. It’s up to us. You might say that there are external factors that need to be taken into consideration for our dreams to come true. To that I would say that you’re probably holding on too tightly to your dream. I don’t have big expectations for the things that I create in this world. I know that I am going to do great things with my life (according to my own definition of greatness), but I’m not latching on to an idea my mind has generated about how that will manifest. This allows me to be free in my future. It allows me to be happy when the outcome doesn’t turn out the way my mind tells me it should. It allows me to pivot and transform my ideas into things they never could have been when I was a control freak.

So learn to trust yourself enough to let go a little. Feel what it feels like to give yourself a little slack. Feel the new movement you’ve now got. You’ll like it. And if you don’t at first, you’ll learn to. And when you learn to like it you can trust yourself a little bit more and then a little bit more. And all along the way life gets lighter and brighter and you get happier and fuller. But keep working and keep doing. And make sure that while you’re working and doing you’re also asking yourself big questions and being really honest with yourself. Freedom from the attachments to our dreams allows us to accomplish things more incredible than we could ever dream.