One Reason You Should Start Your Day Differently

One reason you should start your day differently | Pushing Beauty Michelle D'Avella Breathwork | Sacred rituals to feel sane

This morning I woke up in Mexico.

I’m staying in this small loft with high ceilings and bright white walls that make it feel big and airy. The tall windows let me wake up to sunlight sparkling through the room. Well that, and the sound of hammer hitting metal repeatedly until I realize no, I am in fact, not dreaming (construction next door).

I roll over, cuddle my love, brush my teeth, and wash my face. I crawl back into bed, raise my arms, and start breath of fire. Once I feel my body tingling I let my wrists rest on my knees and sit in silence. Since then many things have happened.

I’ve had some coffee
made some breakfast
punched my phone for being annoying
laughed at my ridiculousness
did one or two yoga poses
felt warm and fuzzy and in love
felt annoyed by stupid things
reminded myself how fortunate I am to be alive
and now I’m here writing.

Yesterday I woke up in Los Angeles.

The sun was still hiding, and my alarm hadn’t yet gone off — or so I thought. After wisely deciding not to fall back asleep, I took a look at my phone which unambiguously declared it 6:25 am. I should have been five minutes into my drive to drop Kona off at his doggy hotel so I could make my flight. Instead I was lying in bed. I jump up, brush my teeth (I can't do anything without brushing my teeth first), grab the pup, and run to the car. I drive across town, drop him off, pick up my love, go back home, water my plants, take out the trash, grab my luggage, hop in an Uber, and head to the airport. I chat with the cab driver, go through security, get a cup of coffee, and finally take a deep breath.

My mind was racing, my emotions didn’t have a chance to arise until I sat down, and I felt unbalanced. Even worse than that, my mind felt jittery. It was difficult for me to focus and center myself when things got quiet. 

Starting your day with silence and ritual will not lead to perfection.

You will not be on Happy Pilot; you are human. You will feel a range of emotions. You may have a day that is mostly joyous, but more than likely you will have many days that are filled with a range of emotions.

The one reason I highly recommend starting your day with sacred rituals is to feel sane

When my days begin abruptly, when they aren’t eased or guided into, my mind can easily feel overworked. It feels like there are a lot of things to be done, and I don’t exactly know where to start. I feel like there’s a computer running on high in the background, sucking up energy inefficiently.

When I begin my mornings with one ritual or more, I feel balanced. I feel more peaceful, I feel more capable of taking on the day. I feel more connected to myself. 

When I say sacred I'm talking about creating something for yourself that is honored deeply. I play around with my mornings, but I always try to honor them. I’ve tried many different ways to begin my days. Currently, I have the privilege of gifting myself the following morning rituals:

Wake up
Journal Daily Affirmations & Gratitude
Take a Walk with Kona
Breakfast & Coffee & Reading

Remember that doing something as simple as 5 minutes of silence can be life changing. Start small, and make changes you can stick with.

How do you start your mornings?


use this affirmation

Morning Routine
Morning Rituals