Discover: A Planner, A Poem, & A Movie


1. The Desire map planner

The Desire Map is a guide to living a life with more soul. The idea is that you choose words that embody how you want to feel in your life, and then you use those words to live a more fulfilled life. I did the workbook a year ago and used the planner last year and really enjoyed it. This year the planner is new and improved, and I'm loving it. Everything I do in my life is included in one place. I'm focused on my feelings, intentions, most important action steps, gratitudes, and areas that need changing. Check it out here.

2. On Learning to Play the Piano with a Hammer by M.K. Foster

This is a poem I discovered a year or so ago and just reread it. Here's an excerpt for you: 

Here’s to the dishwasher, chiming clean,
to the dishes I never put away until I unearth enough dignity
to not eat another dinner standing over the sink: here’s to

doing things in the wrong order. And here’s learning to say
the wrong things in the right order and, then, to finding out that
there is no order, there’s never a perfect time to tell someone

I’ve wanted to kiss your neck since I met you or I’m sorry that I checked
your cabinets for prescriptions, I wanted to see if you were broken, find a reason
to push you away before you could find out all the ways that, broken, I will

—but I’m learning. I’m learning how to touch again, so here’s to
that, to learning how to cup the face that kisses mine, to hold and
be held. Here’s to holding onto the mythologies I invented

when truth was too hard for me to swallow, to the bodies
I’ve used to hide my own, as if bodies were capable of hiding
anything. Here’s to my body like a ruined cathedral,

all its ghost walls frosted in snow, all its faded Madonnas
and its sparking constellations of smashed-up prayers:
they counted for nothing. Here’s to all those prayers—

the ones for open parking spots, open wounds, the ones for
the last gallon of milk, the ones spoken when the airplane shakes
and the cabin lights flicker and flash, the ones that come out

sounding like my love life reads like a fucked up internet history
and I want to get hit by a car. Any car. But were supposed to
sound like let’s write the story where everyone gets to keep

what they find and I want to get hit by your body. Here’s to running
through traffic in the rain, to not looking where I’m going, to keeping
my head down and my eyes closed, even when I’m by myself.

Stunning, huh? Read the full thing here.


Inside Out personifies five emotions (sadness, joy, disgust, anger, and fear) all living within a young girl's head. What I love most about the film is the ultimate acceptance of all our emotions, specifically sadness, as being necessary components of the human experience.