How to Clear Out Negative Energy with Sage

How to Clear Out Negative Energy with Sage

I got in the car with my friend the other day, and he said I smelled like a hippy. He meant that I smelled like sage. I smiled and drove us to lunch. Rather than tie dye shirts and dreadlocks, the faint smell of sage makes me think of ritual, purity, and sacredness. 

Today the scent of sage is common in my household. It's a ritual I have incorporated into my daily life and one that has a rich spiritual past. It's a beautiful tradition to begin incorporating into your life if you're looking to get more in touch with energy. Today I'm going to teach you a little about smudging and how to cleanse your space with Sage.

MyDomaine asked me to join them on Facebook Live to talk about Smudging with Sage. You can watch the video here:

What is Smudging?
Smudging is the act of burning herbs to cleanse the negative energy of a space. The burning of herbs is common to many cultures throughout the world and commonly associated with the Native American tradition. The ancient spiritual roots of this intentional act is believed to harness the spirit of sacred plants to cleanse a person, place, or object of negative energies or spirits. Regardless of your particular belief system, if you’re conscious and responsive to the energy around you, you’ll feel a clear difference in your environment before and after smudging. If you begin to smudge at least once a week you’ll notice a lightness in the air and a more positive energy in your space.

When to Smudge
Everything that exists is made of energy, vibrating quietly, sometimes without our perception. Spaces can hold negative charge after an argument or in times when you’re stuck in negative thought patterns. Smudging at least once a week can remove any accumulative negative energy in the space, mind, and body. Tune into the energy of your environment and smudge as often as necessary. If there’s been an argument or you’ve gone through a traumatic incident or are feeling negativity within yourself smudge yourself and your space.

Salvia, the Latin word for Sage, derives from the word salvere which means to feel well and healthy, to heal. The smoke of this sacred plant is intended to heal and purify the mind, body, and environment and banish any negative energy it encounters. Sage also has a calming affect on our nerves so is particularly useful if we’re feeling nervous, angry, or our space feels that type of energy is lingering.

Setting an Intention
Set your intention before you light your sage. Hold it clearly and firmly in your mind. As soon as the smoke begins to flow from the herbs set your intention. You can recite a mantra to ask the negative energies to leave. You can also set an intention to bring love and light into your space. I also smudge to set an intention for my day or space. You can say things like, “This is a sacred space for creative energy to flow. Love and positivity are welcome to invite this space. Any negative energies that no longer serve me are asked to leave.” Or do your own thing. This life is yours to play with.

Igniting the Flame
Light the smudge stick or pick off one leaf to burn. There are some people who feel burning an entire stick wastes the plant. One leaf can go a long way. Once the flame ignites quickly blow it out; do not leave it on fire. Smudging purifies from the smoke, not the flame.

Wafting the Smoke
Once the sage is smoldering place it on the plate and waft the smoke around the space, person, or object you’re cleansing. Traditionally a turkey feather is used to waft the smoke in a particular direction, but you can use your hand as well. Native American also use an Abalone shell to place the herbs in. Be sure to use a fire proof vessel. 

Ending the Smudge
You can allow the wand to stop burning on it’s own. Some believe that the spirit of the sage knows how long it needs to burn to clear the energies. It can be fun to see how long it’ll go each time.

Smudging Yourself
Waft the smoke around your body starting with your heart and then from head to toe while holding your intention firm in your mind or speaking it aloud. You can imagine any negative feelings or energy carried from your body with the smoke.

Smudging Another Person
Always smudge yourself before smudging another person. Begin by looking the person in the eyes to greet them. Waft the smoke toward their heart first, and then move up and down their body. As you wash them with the smoke repeat your intention mentally or verbally.

Smudging a Space
In a home of multi-layers begin at the bottom and work your way up. Begin by walking around the perimeter of the space. Waft smoke around doors, in corners, and around windows. Move throughout the center of the room fanning smoke throughout as you state or hold your intention firmly in your mind.

Smudging an Object
Waft smoke over the object you’d like to cleanse. You can move them in a clock-wise direction through the smoke. State your intention verbally or in your mind. This can be really great to do to cleanse any sacred objects you have and also when you purchase new things to cleanse the energy from where they came from.

It goes without saying (although I feel I must say it): please be careful with anything that is on fire. Do not leave flames unattended. Very dry herbs catch fire quickly so be careful not to burn yourself. Also, do not inhale the smoke. This is not the kind of herb.

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