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I’m kinda tired of hearing about the election. I’m not tired of the anger or the grief. We have that right and need to heal. I’m not tired of the helplessness. That’s justified, too. What I am tired of is the justification of shaming and belittling people because we’re angry and we want someone to blame. I’m also, of course, tired of the hate proudly surfacing. That got old before it even began.

There is some very important information that was brought to light in this election. Some very essential truths this country has been in denial about. I think these truths are something we should be grateful for. And, like any grieving process, the gratitude might not come for a while. 

I’m not going to talk about the issues or the politicians at hand in this article. I’m going to speak about our behavior, our perspectives, and our opportunity. Because, just like there always is, an opportunity is presenting itself to us. It’s up to us to consciously and carefully choose how we want to respond.

First, here’s what I’m really not feelin’: 

I’m not feelin’ the cynicism. But that’s just not my style. I, myself, have experienced grief, anger, and depression from this election, but I always find my way back to optimism. Optimism, in my opinion, doesn’t deny the truth, and it doesn’t deny the pain. It’s a choice to see the possibilities that we maybe can’t fathom right now. It’s a perspective that acknowledges miracles and revolutions alike.

I’m also not feelin’ the justification of shame or the reductionistic perspectives that are slipping through our share buttons like butter. I see articles touting the justification of shame and others reducing Trump voters to self-loathing racists. 

When we’re angry it’s all too easy to point fingers and villainize the other. It’s a distraction technique so we don’t have to face our own collective pain. It not only harms the other party, but it harms ourselves. It leaves the truth the victim.

To be crystal clear here, I am not at all in the tone of, “Let’s all respect one another’s opinions and stop being sore losers.”

This was not a ball game where we can put on an authentic smile, congratulate the opposing team, go home and have a beer.

This was not that kind of an election.

Those of us grieving are doing so because the liberties we know to be just and true are at stake, because unbearably hurtful and destructive things have been said by someone who is now to represent those he’s hurt and offended. We’re watching the bully get crowned, and unfortunately this isn’t a recurring high school nightmare. So yes, there is great grief to be had and even temper tantrums to be thrown.

We have to be very careful how we go about our healing. Pointing fingers and picking fights is not going to heal. Screaming into a pillow, owning your feelings, and creating a lot of space around what you think you know…that could be a first step.

Many of us feel helpless right now. I get that. We’re a little bit in denial, a little bit in shock, and a little bit not seeing the full picture. A big part of why we feel so disempowered is because we feel like things are outside of our control. And there is a lot that’s outside your control.

People who care deeply tend to forget this important truth: you are not in charge of it all. None of us is. You are in charge of you. So lift the burden. It doesn’t mean you’re not responsible. You are, and you matter. But it’s not all on you. The things you say and do matters in this big melting pot of consciousness. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not part of the shift. 

The beautiful thing about really knowing yourself is that when you’re aligned with your soul you know when you’re doing what you’re here to do. From that place you can find contentment, even in the chaos. You can feel within yourself what you’re being called to do, and you can go do it. You can feel what shifts within your own being when you do so. And you can let that be enough. That is empowerment.

I was in yoga class, deep into a yin pose, right after the election when I realized the various parts of myself weren’t working together. I felt fragmented. My mind was in la-la land, my skeleton was in a shape, my muscles were resisting, my breath was erratic, and my soul was trying to be heard.

In the middle of giving myself a pep talk that all of me needs to work to support my highest self I realized that this is the same thing that’s going on in our country. We’re all divided. Everything that’s happening outside of us is a reflection of what’s happening within us. We are expecting to live in a world where we uphold values of love, respect, and care when we have such difficulty doing that for ourselves.

The soul of this country is crying out to be heard, but we’re all too busy blaming each other to hear.

There are two things we can be grateful for with this election:

  1. Being awake
  2. The truth

1. We Are Awake
You were sleepwalking, weren’t you? Yes, yes ya’ll. Fess up. You’ve been sleepwalking. We all have. We were going about our lives working on healing ourselves, trying to help other people, making pretty Instagram pictures, taking care of business, and being all around good people. But most of us were about to go out for a hot minute to celebrate Hilary’s victory and then go home and get back to the real work.


Ok, I won’t put words in your mouth, but that was my experience. I thought we had it in the bag. I know a lot of other people felt that way too. We were in shock because we were sleep walking, and then someone threw a big bucket of ice water on us. Now we’re awake. 

The dream might have felt better, but the truth is what sets us free.

Be grateful to be out of the Matrix. 

2. The truth
Author Bell Hooks says, “When men and women punish each other for truth telling, we reinforce the notion that lies are better. To be loving we willingly hear the other’s truth, and most important, we affirm the value of truth telling. Lies may make people feel better, but they do not help them to know love.” 

The truth has surfaced. Through truth we find love. We did not have love before. We were living in lies. The truth is circling around us, and we’re trying to shut it down because we can’t handle that things don’t seem to be getting better right now.

When I work one-on-one with clients I am constantly reminding them to be gentle with themselves. You can’t force change. You can’t bully yourself into being the way you want to be. Transformation requires a willingness to change, to step back and see the truth, to keep asking the tough questions, to continue giving honest answers, and to keep on loving.

This is our job. It’s to show up for the work. It’s the same work you’ve been doing on yourself (or maybe putting off doing on yourself), but now we have to amplify it. Now we’re not just doing it for our own lives we’re doing it for all of humanity (if you weren’t already before). 

If you want to do something and you don't know what to do, do this:


Now that we’re awake it’s our duty to stay awake. It’s our obligation to keep our hearts open and start a revolution of spirit. A Love Revolution. 

As a culture we’re disconnected from love. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Most of us are disconnected from love ourselves. We think love is something found in family or romantic bonds. Most people live their entire lives without knowing what it even means to love themselves. 

The Love Revolution requires a commitment to put love first. This doesn’t mean we’re soft or weak. We can be loving and peaceful and respectful without standing for hate or oppression (just look at the Water Protectors at Standing Rock as an example). It is our obligation as human beings to honor and protect one another simply because we exist. Instead of focusing on separation we have to figure out how to reconnect. 

To heal this nation we have to heal ourselves. That’s how things truly change. We need a shift in consciousness, a reconnection to spirit, a cultivation of our roots, an honoring of our earth.

Part of this healing means reconnecting to our warrior spirit. I have always felt that deep fight within me. I will fight for justice. I will fight for the earth. I will fight for equality, for freedom, for love.

We have to become warriors for love.

This is the time. It’s happening now. It’s time to step up and do the work. You know what that work is deep down. Your soul is still guiding you. You don’t need to do what other people are doing. You need to do what your own soul is calling you to do. When you feel that resonance, that’s your calling.

We need you. Don’t give up. The revolution’s just begun.

The Truth Sets Us Free | Pushing Beauty

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