You Are Worthy: A Poem For The Brokenhearted

You are worthy

You are worthy of true love, my love. 
You are my love. 
Not his love or her love. 
You are my responsibility. 
For loving. 
For taking care. 
For giving you what no one else can. 
You are mine. 

In the times when you feel the darkness swallowing you, I want to remind you of the truth. 
The real truth. 
The deep truth. 
Not words that boost the ego and hide your pain, 
but the Truth. 
And the truth, my love, is this:

Nothing anyone else does or does not do defines you. 
You are undefinable. 

You are worthy of everything anyone is incapable of giving you.

Your pain and your fear do not make you unlovable.
They do not make you worthy of abandonment. 
They make you human. 
You are worthy of being human and, as such, of being flawed. 

It’s ok to be flawed. 
It’s ok to feel anger. 
It’s ok to feel pain. 
It’s ok to feel fear.

You are worthy of love even on your darkest days. 

You are worthy of being held, of being seen, and of being heard. 
You are worthy of this Truth.

Another’s feelings about you has no relationship to your value
and no measure of heartbreak will ever close your heart. 
You are a giver, my dear. 
You don’t know how to withhold your love. 
You don’t know how to give small pieces of your heart, saving the rest for your safety. 
You give it all. 
And you are a fuller human for having given it all away
because you know the Truth is that it’s unlimited. 

You are a giver and also a forgiver. 
You know that holding on to someone else’s pain will only hold you down.
You will always forgive. 
You will always keep your heart open. 
You will always wish the best for everyone else. 
But you must also forgive yourself. 
You must also let it be ok that you didn’t do all the right things. 

You must know that your imperfections are part of what makes you beautifully human.

Beautifully you.

You must allow them to be ok to be seen. 
And when another person can’t see you, 
can’t hold you, 
can’t hold space for you, 
you must be willing to let them go

Another’s inability to receive your love does not mean you didn’t love enough. 
It doesn’t mean you didn’t give enough. 
It doesn’t mean you didn’t have the right intentions. 
You are human and beautifully flawed, 
just like everyone else. 

And when your heart cries in pain, when there is no one there to hold you, you are never alone. 

I am always here. 

The Bright Side of a Broken Heart

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You Are Worthy