You Can Heal Yourself for Free


Though we can certainly learn from one another, I believe we each have the power to heal ourselves. I’m a big proponent of working with one or two trusted people to support us on our healing journeys, but we don’t all have the financial means to do so.

Most people don’t have the self-discipline to do the work on their own, but if you are committed and willing you can make huge changes in your life spending little to no money on healing services. 

I have done a huge portion of my healing on my own with little to no money. 

There have certainly been times in my life when I couldn’t spare $14 for an audio file let alone $200 for a private session. In those times I was resourceful and utilized a variety of tools and resources to heal myself. Everyone has a right to heal, and please don’t let anyone convince you that you need to spend large sums of money in order to do so.

I do want to note that not having money for healing and not wanting to spend money on healing are two very different things. I’m not one to tell anyone how to spend their money, but if you find a way to pay for designer clothes and eating out but can’t fathom a healing session there is probably something to look at around self-worth and self-love. 

I have worked deeply on my relationship to money and my worth because when I started to increase my income I was still resistant to spending money on healing. The truth was that my priorities weren’t in order, and I didn’t believe my healing was worthy of spending money on.

It’s true that I have also invested in myself when I could by going on retreats and workshops, purchasing online courses, and private sessions with my teacher. It’s made me incredibly happy to be able to exchange my money for healing offerings, but I am also very aware that I don’t need to do so in order to heal.

Be very wary if someone tries to tell you that you need them in order to heal.

Healing is an inside job, and there are wonderful teachers and facilitators who can guide you there and support you along the way, but the work itself is yours to do.

I have created a resource guide that fits your needs no matter what financial circumstance you’re in. If there is a need that I have missed please reach out and let me know. I want to make sure this guide is accessible for everyone. 

I’m listing my resources according to cost and am only supplying tools that I have used in my personal healing process because I teach from experience. I know there are many other modalities that could also be beneficial, but these are the ones I can vouch for.

Heal Yourself for Free


Your breath is free, and in my opinion it’s the most powerful tool you have. I made you a guided Breathwork video which you can use as often as you like. 

If you don’t have access to the internet or a computer or smart phone consistently write these instructions down, and you can practice without guidance.

When I’m depressed, anxious, or feeling unclear I go for long hikes in nature. The practice of earthing is powerful for grounding your energy and relaxing your nervous system. You can put your feet on the soil for about 15 minutes. 

You can also connect with animals, trees, and plants in nature. I like to give my attention to the elements and feel the wind on my face, the sun on my skin, and smell the scents from plants and dirt.

If you live in the city, try to find a park or patch of grass or tree that you can connect to and build a relationship with. If you allow, nature will fully support you.

My teacher, David, often says that creativity is a shortcut to healing. This could show up in a variety of ways, but I find writing to be one of the most potent forms of healing. 

From a young age, I would use writing as a way to process my pain and make sense of my life. I wrote bad poetry and some pretty good creative stories. When I went through the biggest heartbreak of my life and dark night of the soul, I wrote a book as I healed

If you take the time and effort to sit down with a laptop or a pen and paper, you can learn a lot about yourself, your pain, and your soul through writing.

Online Teachings
People often overlook information that is given away for free. So many healers, teachers, and guides are sharing big wisdom on their websites and social media platforms.

Soak this information up and allow yourself to transform through what resonates with you. Often times one sentence can hit the soul and crack you open. 

Someone reached out to me last year to tell me that her life changed after listening to my free audio course, following the guidelines I provided, and doing the work on her own. She donated a generous $100 to me when she had the money. There is information everywhere that can assist in your healing if you allow it in.

You can read my articles on breakups, depression, healing & more.

My Instagram feed.

My newsletter here.

My podcast.

Use The Library
I love supporting authors by buying their books, but when you can’t, you can use the library for free. I have always been an avid reader and am often shocked when I meet people who don’t read books. If the library doesn’t have the book you’re looking for, you can have it transferred to your branch. 

If you own a Kindle you can also use the Libby app to download library books right to your device. There’s no excuse not to read—unless you don’t know how. When I lived in Philadelphia years ago I used to teach adults to read. It’s never too late to learn.

You can find an adult literacy program in most cities like this one in Los Angeles. Look into your local library or community center for resources. Alternatively, audio books can also be borrowed from the library.

Additional Resources Listed by Exchange Fee (Low to High)


A 45-minute Guided Breathwork Meditation

The Bright Side of a Broken Heart: the book I wrote about healing from heartbreak and reclaiming the lost parts of myself.

Getting Started with Breathwork: a complete guide to begin your Breathwork practice including 3 audios, a 30-page ebook, FAQs, and 30-day challenge.

Workshops: I teach monthly in Los Angeles and sometimes elsewhere. All workshops are listed here.

Dig Deeper: my healing hub which opens at various points throughout the year and currently features 9 full healing workshops and worksheets to support your healing.

Private 1:1 sessions: each month I offer a select number of private sessions. If $175 feels outside of your reach but you need support in going deeper, set aside a certain amount each month to save for what is important to you. Qapital is my favorite app for doing this.

Soul Speak Sessions are for those who need guidance and support but aren’t interested or ready for Breathwork.

Relentless Healers is my monthly program for those ready and able to financially and spiritually commit to be supported through their healing.

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