Rise Up: 10 Tips From Rise Sister Rise

Rise Up

I’ve kind of always been a book worm. My elementary school held a competition each year; if a student read 100 books they would get their name put on the fluorescent sign outside. 

Each year when I completed book 100 my grandparents would take me over to the sign and take a photo in front of the words:

Congratulations, Michelle D’Avella! 100 Book Reader!

My thirst for story and knowledge has never ended, and while I no longer read 100 books a year I am always finding amazing people to learn from. So I’ve decided to begin sharing some of the stories, lessons, and insights that I find most impactful.

I read Rebecca Campbell’s first book, Light is the New Black, on the sandy beaches of Tulum. As soon as her newest book, Rise Sister Rise, was available for preorder I scooped up one for myself and one for a friend.

Here are ten powerful insights on how to rise up from Rise Sister Rise:

1. Remember that life is not linear, it’s cyclical

This is a big one for so many people. We get really caught up in the idea that we are on a journey to perfection. Even though we know perfection might not exist we strive for it, and when we fall we feel defeated. Life is a constant ebb and flow, and the sooner we embrace that truth the more enjoyable our journey will be.

In Rebecca's words:
"No one day is better or worse, both have much richness to offer—the days when we rise and the ones when we fall. The sign of a true soul pilgrim is that when the brittle winds slap Her face, somewhere deep down there is an inner voice within whispering that this experience is good too. If we are here to use and grow and expand and lead, then the challenging times aren't worse than the celebratory ones."

How to apply this to your life: Allow for the ups and downs in life. Don't make a problem out of feeling bad.

2. Reconnect to your feminine energy

Every human being embodies both masculine and feminine energy. Our culture tends to value masculine qualities. As we’ve begun to deny the feminine we’ve also become disconnected from our bodies, how to heal ourselves, and how to manifest our desires.

In Rebecca's words:

"God has been considered to be female for much longer than She has been considered male."

Ancient Mother God worship dates back from that 35,000 years, making it more ancient than Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.

Women’s bodies were seen as sacred and women as Goddesses because they quite literally give birth to Life. We all came from woman. The planet was seen as feminine (Mother Earth). Our menstrual cycle connected to the phases of the moon, our ancestors marking the moon’s phases through etching into bone. People lived in accordance with the Earth’s natural rhythms and cycles, and thus in harmony with all of Life."

How to apply this to your life: Work with your breath to surrender. Begin to accept compliments and gift graciously. 

3. Balance your energy

We can have a tendency to see a problem and think that the solution is in the opposite. It’s important to recognize that as individuals and as a collective we need to find a healthy balance between both our feminine and masculine energies.

In Rebecca's words:
"As we are coming out of 5,000 years of patriarchy, where the unbalanced masculine has been the focus, it is important to note that the unbalanced feminine can be just as destructive. Just as the sacred feminine’s anger has been silenced through patriarchy, the sacred masculine’s ability to express emotion and recognize his divinity has too. As we recover from patriarch, it is important not to aspire to its polar opposite—patriarchy to matriarchy. Rather, let’s bring the sacred masculine and sacred feminine energies back into balance."

How to apply this to your life: Notice if you repress more of the masculine or feminine. Begin to embrace qualities of the other without making a problem out of the dominant energy currently in your system.

4. Embrace the seasons

I was born and raised in New Jersey, and I always hated the cold. After moving to Los Angeles I have tried to visit home during warmer months to keep myself away from the cold as much as possible.

I happened to read Rise Sister Rise at the end of December, curled up in an afghan my Grandmother had made as the snow fell outside of our cabin in the woods in Pennsylvania. I realized how much my body was craving restoration and the cozy feeling of warmth from fire.

In Rebecca's words:
"In a 10-year-period, there was one year that I stayed and let winter work Her magic….During these dark days and evenings, bunkered up in a blanket and thermals, I was able to fully hit my rock bottom. And it was here that I found myself. In those weeks, when it felt like the whole city had gone into hibernation, I fanned the flames of my inner light and finally committed to quitting my job, following my passion, and starting a new life for myself. Had I not let the darkness and bitter winds of my inner winter be realized, perhaps I wouldn't have found the patent clarity that winter gave me."

How to apply this to your life: Spend time in nature alone. Feel what gift the weather is giving you. 

5. Create ritual

I have intuitively begun to crave ritual and sacredness in my life these past few years. I use ritual to help me connect to the sacred element of life that can easily slip through our awareness in our busy lives.

In Rebecca's words:

"Through ritual and ceremony we are in effect taking a moment to recognize and invoke the sacredness of Life."

To take the time to mark a transition that has happened, is happening or that we would like to call in. When we gather in a meaningful open way, our heart and soul can feel it and are nourished in ways unknown to our mind. Is is in the sacred space opened in ritual and ceremony that our remembering is deepened and we have the potential to connect with the soul of all things."

How to apply this to your life: Begin to work with rituals and see which resonate with you most. 


6. Embrace your shadow

Your shadow is the part of yourself you work to keep hidden. It’s full of pain, discomfort, shame, and guilt. Shadow Work is the work I spend most of my time teaching about. In order to heal we have to dig deep into our shadows, embrace all of what we find, and do this work over and over again.

In Rebecca's words:
"Your shadow is your ticket home. If you ignore or banish Her, She will control you from within. If you listen to what She has to say, to what made Her this way, to what She was once denied She will tell you all that you need to set Her and you free.

The brightest of people I know are as bright as they are for they have embraced all shades of their human nature. The shadow is not something that we can use spirituality to rid ourselves from once and for all."

How to apply this to your life:  Pay attention to your fears. Be willing to face into them. Work with your breath to acknowledge your truth.

7. Learn to hold space for another

One of my favorite books, The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, speaks about this topic and resonated deeply with me when I first read it years ago. We get very uncomfortable with other people’s emotions, especially sadness, and we often find ourselves feeling the need to do something. We hug them, rub their back, says soothing things.

It comes from good intentions but it doesn’t allow the person to process their pain as they need to. They are not truly held and because of this often feel responsible for shoving their feelings down to make everyone else feel comfortable.

In Rebecca's words:

"One of the most generous gifts you can give someone is your ability to be with them without trying to get them somewhere or get something for yourself."

To hold them energetically without turning the conversation back to you.

To refrain from saying ‘me too,’ ‘in my experience,’ ‘I can so relate,’ or ‘how about this.’

To resist fixing, guiding, saving, or moving at a different speed.

To meet them where they’re at and for that place to be absolutely OK."

How to apply this to your life:  Notice how you feel when someone expresses their pain. When you try to make them feel better it's often because you feel uncomfortable yourself. Resist the urge to change anything, and just be there.

8. Allow your jealousy to teach you

Jealousy is a human experience that holds so much shame and judgement. I have been consciously working with the emotion of jealousy for the past few years, and it’s been an incredibly illuminating experience. I loved Rebecca’s perspective of jealousy in Rise Sister Rise.

In Rebecca's words:
"Jealousy triggers the part of us that sees ourselves as separate. So when we discover that someone else has something we want, we believe that because they have it, it means we cannot. Jealousy shines a light on what we deeply desire for ourselves. A creation you haven’t gotten around to making happen, an experience you have been yearning to have, a decision you have been avoiding making.

Our jealous pangs can hint at the ways we have been seeing ourselves small. They can also reseal the ways we are looking at external approval as a sense of validation. When your jealousy is triggered, it could be a big fat sign pointing to where you should be investing your energy and what the Universe is wanting o create with YOU."

How to apply this to your life:  Pay attention to your jealousy. Notice what you want that someone else haves and use affirmations to validate your deserving of it, too.


9. Let of of your struggling artist/healer belief

Working through limiting beliefs around money has changed my life, and it can be a constant practice if the belief runs really deep. I live my life with the deep knowledge that I am serving the world. I can feel it in my bones. I have confidence in that, and I have confidence in the exchange of my value.

In Rebecca's words:

"The work you are here to do is priceless. And for most artists and healers and the like, the work is done in subtle ways. That is, the one hour of your time that you are offering is, energetically speaking, more than one hour of your time."

If someone buys six sausages from a butcher they don’t give you eight; they don’t give their sausages away for free or at a discounted price; they don’t answer emails at 10p.m. at night; they don’t spend hours questioning whether they are good enough; they just show up and sell their sausages like a normal person shows up to work. Because that’s their job, they’re a butcher. Show up, do your job to the best of your ability and cut off when you click off so that you can do it again the next day. Simple."

How to apply this to your life:  Use your breath to clear limiting beliefs and connect to your worth. Begin to set firm boundaries when you exchange.

10. Put self care first

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do if you want to show up in the world as your highest self and serve. You can’t skimp out of it. You can’t find a short cut. You have to show up for yourself before you can show up for anyone else.

A big part of my day, every single day, is taking care of myself. I practice Breathwork, Chakra Cleansing, journaling, physical movement, and other rituals daily because it supports me in giving. When I’m getting burnt out it literally feels like my well is running dry. I have nothing of value to offer. So I give myself what I need every day to be the best for myself and for the world.

In Rebecca's words:
"When you are committed to your rising, you must honor the healing that needs to take place within you. And sometimes the most productive thing to do is to stop everything and tend to that. To process that. To embody that. To know the subtle difference between when to make it happen and when to let it happen.

Do not resist your body’s self-care needs. You are being called to birth this new world, but in order to do so you must put your needs and tend to your own inner well as a priority. You are no use to anyone exhausted and parched. One can only share what she has in plenty. We must be ferocious in ensuring we tend to our own self-care before service. We must be sustainable in order to rise and bring about consistent change."

How to apply this to your life:  Refuse to put your needs off. Begin a daily self care practice by intuitively asking yourself what you need.

These are some of the insights that I have found most valuable and ones I felt would serve you as well. If you’re interested in reading Rise Sister Rise I highly recommend it. It’s broken up into small lessons to make it really easily to pick up at any time.

What insights from rise sister rise most excite you in your journey to rise up? Let me know in the comments below.

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