What Money Blocks Really Point To

Clearing Money Blocks

It used to feel like I never had enough money. When I checked my bank account I’d feel relief wash over me instead of gratitude. I told myself I didn’t need $200 shoes when $40 ones were available. I felt resentment when a group would split a meal check, and I ordered the cheapest thing at the restaurant.

Until recently, money felt like a chase. I’ve always run my own business and didn’t ever really know how much I’d be making each month. When it did come in, the high was short-lived as my nervous system was wired to worry about if it would keep coming.

Sometimes proof isn’t enough. When I look back on my life I remember times when it was normal to drop to $0 in my bank account. As I grew, that norm changed my $0 to $50 then to $500 to $1,500 and eventually to ten thousand.

What didn’t seem to change was my lack of trust that money would keep coming in.

It might sound crazy, but having $10 in the bank didn’t feels so different from $7,000. There was always the constant worry that it would be gone at some point even though money had been coming in every month for over ten years. I’d never even had to borrow money from family to make ends meet. Life experience wasn’t enough to quell my fears because my relationship to money was pointing to my relationship to life.

I was reading through an article I wrote on money last year and saw how much my relationship to it has deepened since writing it. I have been getting some requests to do a healing workshop on money so I thought now would be a good time to write an article about the way I relate to money now and how it can serve you.

1. Money is an exchange of energy.
One of the biggest shifts in my relationship to money has occurred through my healing practice. The more in tune I have become to energy, gratitude, and my relationship to the Universe, the more I have recognized that everything is an exchange of energy.

Money is another form of energy. I offer something of value and, if the exchange is balanced, in return I receive something of value—often money.

Exchange also shows up as appreciation and value so one of the important things to look at when we are feeling a lack of money is where we are feeling underappreciated or undervalued in our relationships.

As I have healed myself and my relationships, I don’t find any places where I feel like I am not valued. If feelings of resentment arise, I look at them immediately and address them, often by placing firm boundaries. When you recognize that everything is a flow of energy, blocks in one area can easily affect other areas.

2. I trust I am supported.
Trust has been a huge theme for me this year, starting with a declaration of Trust on my firewalk on New Year’s Eve. Ten months later and I feel more trusting of life than I ever have before.

My trust that I am supported is connected to my recognition that I am worthy and valuable. 

I know I have wisdom, love, and healing to offer the world. I am connected deeply to my worth and feel an increasingly deep well of support from the Universe.

This is not just blind trust. As I deepen my love for myself and free myself from insecurities and fear, I am risking more and sharing more with the world. As I do so, I am receiving feedback from those I share with that my offerings are appreciated. This gives me the confidence and validation that the work I am doing matters and that as I give I will receive.

3. I receive love.
There was a time in my life when it was really difficult for me to accept gifts from others. If I went out to have a meal with a friend and they paid for me I felt guilty, often pushing back, “No, no, no…” I didn’t feel like I could do the same for them because I didn’t trust that the Universe would keep replenishing me when I gave to others.

As I began to learn to love myself I began to allow people to do things for me, and I saw how much joy it gave them. People who love you and appreciate you want to buy you dinner, pick you up from the airport, and tell you how wonderful you are. It’s your job to receive it. 

As you begin to receive love and admiration from others, you are priming yourself to also receive money. 

Money, a form of currency just like love and appreciation, is something you have the power to receive by letting more into your life. 

One of the first steps is to believe you’re worthy of it.

4. I invest in myself.
One of the best investments I made when I was broke (barely-had-enough-food-or-gas-money-broke) was to buy a course that was beyond anything I could afford. It was a leap of faith in investing in myself.

I should note that I am someone who commits easily and readily, so I knew that by purchasing this course I would learn every morsel of information and apply it to my life. I did, and in a year I had doubled my income.

From then on I started to invest in myself. I paid for things that resonated deeply with me and that I felt would help me discover more of myself. Some of those things included Breathwork sessions and online courses.

What I see now is that every transaction I make is a declaration to the Universe.

What that has also turned out to mean is that I am worthy of treating myself and taking care of myself. I deserve to get massages. I deserve to go out and eat delicious food. I deserve a trip away from the city. I deserve to own and wear clothes that fit me, are well made, and don’t contribute to throw away fashion.

5. The way I look at things matters.
Intention flows into everything we do. Back when I was doing graphic design work people could sense my desperation when I was broke. Sensitive people know when you’re doing it for the money and when you’re doing it for a purpose. Could you imagine seeing a healer who just wants to work with you for 75 minutes to get your money? Ick.

Connect to your purpose, infuse intention into your work, and watch as your relationship to your work transforms.

I am genuinely interested in helping people heal, and I teach and serve people from my own experience. I don’t try to sell anyone on something that hasn’t worked for me. Everything I do is infused with the intention of what I have experienced in my life and the love I have learned to harness.

I know that I am not special and that every one of you has the ability to create the life you are being called to live—even if you don’t think you know what that life is or looks like right now.

I call my work “work” because work has such negative connotations. We think of work as being something we dread doing and life as starting at 5pm on Friday. My life happens in every moment. It’s happening right now as I share this with you. It happens as I listen to my clients and help them heal. It happens when I’m holding space in groups. It happens when I’m relaxing in bed, taking a salt bath, or making a meal. I am always living, and I choose to give my attention to things that most resonate with me and why I’m here.

I made choice after choice that created this life, and you can too.

If you’re interested in clearing your own money blocks and cultivating a prosperous life, I invite you to join Dig Deeper, a self-study program which includes my guided workshop Clearing Money Blocks & Cultivating Prosperity.