I had all the healing tools I thought I needed, but they all seemed to fail me when I was desperately grasping for something to help me heal. Everything that I was shattered, and I had to find my way through the most challenging experience of my life. But now I’m back in the light and am here to support you in this delicate transition back to yourself. In our session I will teach the key techniques I used to pull myself out of that dark hole and back to a more powerful me. 

When we're in pain it's difficult to see clearly. Our minds are trying to process this new, dramatic transition, and our bodies are suffering.

Support during this time can be the difference between dragging on the pain for months or EVEN years or healing in a healthy and complete way.

This Breakup Survival Session is a ninety minute one-on-one session in which I will help guide you back to yourself. We’ll discuss where you're at, I'll guide you through a healing session, and you'll leave with some tools to find your way back to you.


The Details

75 minute session
Intuitive Mentoring & Breathwork Healing


Loves Notes

"I felt amazing after my session with Michelle! I learnt so much. So many points of the session have stuck with me and opened my mind to see things from a more empowering perspective. The session brought to light a lot that I had been blocking. I recommend working with Michelle after a breakup. She helped me see a new perspective and heal from this breakup without getting stuck in victim mode. That's so important!" Natalie

Breakup Survival Session Testimonial
"In my session with Michelle I felt heard and understood. My biggest realization was that I deserve love! I can now see that I have allowed myself to stay in situations that are unhealthy. My mind was incredibly scattered before our session. Now I feel calm and centered." —Tricia

Breakup Survival Session Testimonial

"This session helped me truly understand that it’s ok for me to be sad, to cry, to be angry, to have emotions that are all over the place. Michelle's honesty and authenticity made me feel safe and connected. I was able to open up and be raw and honest, and Michelle helped me see things I hadn’t been able to see before."


Breakup Survival Session