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desert detox

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Breathwork for Burn Out

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We’re overworked, overcommitted, and overwhelmed. Our nervous systems are taxed by our addictions to technology and productivity. Many of us feel isolated, alone, lonely, and lack a solid sense of community. 

This retreat is an opportunity to detox your nervous system from digital connection and any excess energy that’s draining your life force and connect to community. We’ll be using Breathwork to open our hearts and clear the residue from our busy lives. 


Who This is For


This retreat is for those who are willing to reach through the fear of vulnerability and be seen and heard in community. It’s for you if you feel burnt out, overworked, drained, or fatigued.

You do not need to have any experience with Breathwork to attend. It is open to all gender identities. The only requirement for attendance is that you have an open mind and willingness to have an open heart.

I hope it’s obvious that this is not a luxury retreat. Think of it as a small family-vibes intimate gathering. I will be cooking our meals, you’ll be spending time in my home, and it’s going to be a sweet group of less than 10 people.


What We’ll Be Doing


Many of us feel isolated and alone. We’re burnt out, looking for more, and disconnected from the rhythms of nature. This weekend is an opportunity to unplug (I’m encouraging everyone to keep their phones off and put away), connect to nature, listen to your heart, and be witnessed in community.


Friday, November 1st


Opening Circle (Introductions, Intention Setting, Altar Creation, Breathwork)

Saturday, November 2nd


Group Work
Writing prompts and group work around burn out, community, and nature.



Breathwork + Group Work


Sunset Dinner

Bonfire (weather permitting), Creative Expression, & Releasing Ceremony

Sunday, November 3rd

Closing Circle

Depart by 2pm



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You are welcome to bring a tent and camping gear to camp on site. There is one bathroom in the house which will be communal. You are also welcome to book an Airbnb or hotel in Twentynine Palms and commute to the property. I am about 20 minutes from Twentynine Palms Inn.

The property will be available with hang out zones to all throughout the retreat regardless of where you are staying. If you are staying off site, plan on only sleeping at your accommodations and spending the rest of the time at Fox & Feather. One attendee is looking to split an Airbnb with someone, so if you’re interested please contact me.

Please note that we will be in the high desert where the elements can be intense. There are coyotes, snakes (though I have yet to see one), tarantula, mice, jack rabbits, and all the other critters the desert holds. It will likely be warm in the day and cold in the evening. Here is a sample of what the weather might be like as well as the historic average, though the desert is unpredictable:

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About Fox & Feather


Fox & Feather is a 1953 Jackrabbit Homestead in Wonder Valley, just a few miles east of Joshua Tree. It's the perfect place to detox from the city and connect to the energy of the desert. The house will be open for your use, but we will be spending most of our time outside.

Located on five acres of land with 360 degree mountain views, Fox and Feather is a place to settle in for gorgeous sunsets, sunrises, and reconnection to nature.

We’re a twenty minute drive from the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park which you will drive past on your way out, so feel free to plan a stop in the park after you leave the retreat on Sunday.


The Exchange

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Please note that we will be filming this weekend and you will be required to sign a liability and media waiver once you sign up to attend. If the waiver is not signed you will not be able to attend. No vulnerable moments will be filmed, no personal information will be shared, and all videos will be tastefully done. Please inquire if there are any concerns.


Meals + Snacks
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