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Breathwork Teacher & Desire Map Facilitator

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Some people call this a Karma Fund or Pay It Forward or Tithing or plain ol’ Donation. Whatever you want to call it and for whatever reason you are deciding to give me your money, thank you. Your support means I can continue to create work from my soul that supports those in need of healing. It allows me to offer more sliding scale options and work with those who are underprivileged.

The best way to support my work is always to work with me 1:1, buy my book, or join a program. You can also share my work with your community. If you choose to support me financially you can do so via the button below.

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I'm over on Instagram sharing inspiration on a daily basis. It's my favorite social media platform.
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This is the place I share my articles, where I've been published, and other things I don't want you to miss.
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I've got some videos for you from my favorite tools to bits of wisdom.
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Every Monday I send out a letter to my readers via my newsletter. It's content I don't share anywhere else. Signing up for my mailing list also gets you specials I don't offer elsewhere and first notice on my offerings. When you sign up now, you'll receive access to my free four part audio course How to Find True Happiness.


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