Day 1


I am so excited to welcome you to How to Feel Beautiful! In the video above you’ll hear me introduce you to the course and give you your first Change Your Life Challenge. These weekly challenges are designed to help you relate to yourself in a way that encourages acceptance, growth, and love. 

As with anything in life, you will get out of this course what you put into it. If you want to change, you will change. Our minds tend to think we'll know the outcome of the exercises. The truth is that you won't benefit from it without doing it.

Resistance holds us back, but when we actually apply ourselves, take out a pen and paper and do the exercises something completely different happens. So, allow yourself to be surprised. Do the work. Show up for yourself.

I highly recommend sticking with the pace of the course as much as possible, but please don’t start beating yourself up over being behind or missing days. You can do this as you need to do this. One of the most important messages in my work is to be kind to yourself. Acknowledge that you are doing the best you can. Because you are. 


a note about affirmations

Each day I'll be giving you a new affirmation to use for that day. Affirmations are used to raise your vibration so you can feel better, attract more of what you really want in your life, and cultivate important life transformations. 

Our brains have something called a Reticular Activating System which filters information to help make sense of the world. It only allows in what we consider to be relevant and true. Using affirmations can help our minds begin to expand or transform our definitions of truth.

Do your best to own these affirmations and use them wholeheartedly. Once you commit to your affirmation apply it to your life that day. See how it tints your lens.


today's affirmation

I am willing to change.

The intention of this course is to change your relationship to yourself, leaving you connected to your own beauty. In order to meet that intention you have to be willing to change. You’ve already made a huge leap in signing up for this course. Now it’s time to really own the fact that you’re going to be a different person by the end of it. Setting intentions can be really powerful. Being willing to open yourself up to the possibility of change is the first step in allowing change to occur. Say your affirmation out loud to yourself as you do your Change Your Life Challenge this week. Write it down several times today. Hang it somewhere you’ll see it constantly. If you are willing to change, you will.


Change Your Life Challenge  

As you’ll see in the video above, the first Change Your Life Challenge is to stand in front of the mirror—naked. Yes, I know, we’re starting big and bold.

For five whole minutes you’re going to stand there naked. If you don’t have a full length mirror go get one or stand in front of what you have. You’re going to do this every day until next week, and if you want to go for the extra credit you can add a minute to your timer each day. So tomorrow you can do 6 minutes, the next day 7, and so forth. If you need to begin with less than 5 minutes make your adjustments. 

While you’re staring at yourself your mind is probably going to be doing a couple different things. It might be freaking out or it might be playing it cool. It’s all the same. You need to be patient until the mind quiets down and allows your feelings to emerge.

While you’re looking at yourself pay attention to how your body feels. Do you feel anxious? Tense? Nauseous? Where do you feel it? In the pit of your stomach? Your throat? Take slow deep breaths into the place the uncomfortable feeling shows up.

Breathe in love to yourself and breathe out any negative thoughts that pop up. Do this over and over again. The feeling may change, and the location may move. Stick with it. Keep breathing. Keep sending love in and letting the negativity go. If you feel like you want to cry, cry. If you want to scream, scream. Feel your emotions as they arise and embrace them. 


a note about journaling

I highly recommend journaling throughout this course. Write your affirmations, your experiences, how you’re feeling, and what you’ve realized. Download these worksheets to track your experience over these four weeks. Feel free to print them to add to your journal.

It’s really important to commit to change in this way and to see what emerges through your subconscious mind during your writing. Often times we’re so immersed in the details of our day-to-day lives that it can be challenging to see how we’ve changed. Journaling helps us process and reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re at now.


use the community

There is now a community aspect to this course via a private Facebook group. Use this community. Some difficult emotions are going to surface for you. Let them. Share them with the group. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in community we find ourselves supported in the most beautiful ways.

If you haven't joined the Facebook group yet do so here.

Now go stare at that beautiful body of yours.