Day 10


Showering is a perfect opportunity to honor our bodies. I mean, that’s really what we’re doing when we wash ourselves. We’re cleansing our bodies. I feel like showers have turned into another item on the to-do list or even a place where we numb out so we don't have to be with our bodies.

In week one you should have gotten comfortable with your naked body. So what if you begin to look at your shower as a sacred time to honor it? As you wash your body give it love. Appreciate your skin as you cleanse it, your scalp as you lather. Hug your body as the water washes over you. Give gratitude to your body for being your home. You can even imagine the water washing away any negativity from your body.

I also love to burn Palo Santo (also known as Holy Wood) during my showers. It helps me bring the sacred element in, and I think it smells amazing. Try out what works for you whether it be some sage, a few candles, or something else that resonates with you.

As a side note, if you don’t already, consider using natural or organic products in your self-care routine. All of this is about being good to your body. Your body really doesn’t want those frou frou fake floral scented chemical filled shampoos and body washes. This is a great book to start with.


today's affirmation

I honor my body.
I am so grateful and so thankful for this beautiful home. 


gentle nudge

Keep on dancin'!