Day 14


There is a thing called Laughing Yoga. My sister took a class in college, and it fascinated me so I began to research it. Apparently laughing is contagious. If you begin laughing inauthentically in a group of people you will eventually begin to actually laugh and so will everyone else around you. The laughter grows and soon joy fills the space. 

This is a beautiful example of what it means to choose. Often times we can choose our moods, but we decide not to.

We choose to move through our days with whatever mood appears to us that morning or that moment.

But, what if you chose to consciously smile more? What if you chose to bring more positivity into whatever it is you're doing? The truth is that your energy affects the world around you. If you bring in joy, others will feel it.

I committed myself to a period of time of laughing any time I felt pissed off or annoyed. I immediately noticed resistance. I really wanted to be annoyed! But instead I would force myself to laugh, and then I was genuinely laughing at the fact that I was forcing myself to laugh and how ridiculous it was that I was resisting feeling good. 

A few hours later, on the very same day, I locked myself out of my apartment. I immediately felt myself moving into victim mode. But I wasn't allowed to.

So I laughed.

I called my girlfriend as I waited for the locksmith to come and decided that he needed the money more than me that day. Our conversation inspired her to start laughing when she wanted to be mad. Everything has a ripple effect.

Maybe try it out a little today. Instead of waiting for something to make you smile, just smile. Focus on the positive in every situation. See how it makes you feel. There's not much more beautiful than laughter and joy.

Here is a great video to bring some immediate laughter into your life:

You're welcome. :)


today's affirmation

I am happy. I am relaxed.


gentle nudge

Dance! Dance! DANCE!