Day 15


First I want to congratulate you for completing week two! Before you continue reading this I’d love for you to take a quick pause, head over to the Facebook group, and send me an update with how the course is going for you so far. Here are some prompts:

  1. Have you had any ah-ha! moments?
  2. What emotions have come up for you in the Change My Life Challenge?
  3. What are you finding most difficult?

I’d really love to hear from you, and I read every response.

Change Your Life Challenge

I went through a big shift a couple years ago. During this time I was getting feedback all around me that I had worthiness issues—meaning that on a deep level I didn’t feel I deserved love or to be seen. I had taken on a new teacher at the time who intuited this as well and had me do a profound exercise that helped change my life, and now I’m offering this challenge up to you.

Print a photo of yourself (no excuses, go to CVS or Shutterfly for like 30 cents). Try to make it a recent photo. Frame it. Put it somewhere in your space that feels sacred. Maybe it’s a meditation room or simply a quiet corner. This should be a place that is yours and where you can have privacy.

Every single morning this week jump out of bed as soon as you wake up. No lingering. Go directly to the shower and rinse your body with cold or room temperature water. This can be super fast. The idea is to honor your body by cleansing it.

Go back into your sacred space or corner and sit in front of your photo. Gaze at it and send yourself love. You can place your awareness around your heart chakra (the energy hub in the center of your chest) and imagine a pink or white swirling energy opening up. Send that love to the photo of yourself. Meditate here for 5 minutes.


The No Excuse Version

Save a photo of yourself on your phone and stare at it for 5 minutes a day giving love to yourself through this photo. Stare at yourself without judgement. Use the breathing technique that you learned in week one.

This challenge is about learning to honor yourself. As I talked about on Day 3, we don’t find enough magic in ourselves. We take our bodies for granted, and more depressingly, our lives. You’ve made a tremendous step in caring for yourself just by doing this course. Give yourself gratitude for being there for yourself. This short and simple meditation may not feel like much, but it’s an act of showing up for yourself. It’s signifying to yourself that you are honoring your own soul. Even if you don’t feel a deep sense of love, do what you can. Keep showing up. It will appear in time.


today's affirmation

I honor every part of myself.
Every ounce of me is beautiful.