Day 16


Fashion and beauty are deeply linked in our culture. It's an area of life that can be really fun, but it's also an area that can suck up our energy. The things we own can begin to define us if we're not careful. 

My brother made a film called Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. The film explores the idea of Minimalism, a philosophy of consciously creating your life. It's about getting rid of the things that don't serve you. It's a philosophy I subscribe to, and if you follow me on Instagram you might notice that my home might not fit the look of what you might think a Minimalist is. 

My space isn't sparse, but I only buy and keep things I love or that are useful to me.

I also try to keep a simplified wardrobe of clothes I really love to wear. If I haven't worn something in a few months I swap it out and let it move into the life of someone who will use and love it.

When we hoard items for someday we're living in a scarcity mentality. When our homes are cluttered with items that don't mean much to us it serves as a reflection of how we feel inside.

When you begin to get clear on what you hold on to and why, you go through an interior cleansing as well. Sit in your home and notice how your body feels. Are you relaxed? What would make you feel better? Do the same with your clothes. When you put them on do they make you feel good? 

Allow your home and your wardrobe to be a reflection of the things you value. Allow your clothes to feel really good when you wear them. Make your home your perfect place to rest. This can be really fun and really cleansing.

Here are a few resources:

  1. Minimalism
  2. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  3. Capsule Wardrobe Experiment

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today's affirmation

I keep what I value in my life.


gentle nudge

Don't forget to honor yourself this morning with some photo gazing.