Day 17


Yesterday we touched on fashion and material goods. My belief is that if it brings you joy it has a purpose. The problem for most of us is taking the time to notice if it brings us joy.

How often to you question why you do things? Motivation is so important. Are you motivated by fear or love? A motivation from fear would look like getting rid of clothes you love just because they are out of season. Motivation from love would look like wearing clothes that you truly adore. Motivation from fear would be ordering a meal at a restaurant that you think is healthy because you're worried about being perceived accordingly. Motivation from love would be choosing a meal that feels good to your body.

I'm not gonna lie: this is tricky territory.

Sometimes it can feel really challenging to discern what's ours and what's from other people. The more you practice and the more in tune you get with your body the better you'll get.

When I discover things about myself that I need to work on I feel a resonance. I feel a yes or a no. A lightness or a heaviness. The more you pay attention to the feeling the stronger it will become.

What we want to hone in on here is your ability to choose what is best for you without letting other people's ideas and stories limit you. For example, if someone at work makes a comment about your dress not being flattering on you, you might never want to wear it again. But before she said that, you loved your dress, and you felt great in it. 

This example might sound petty, but this is really about making choices that serve you.

When you keep deferring to other people you no longer are creating your own life. 

This is about honoring yourself, just like you're doing every morning this week. This is your life. You get to have as much fun as you choose. You get to feel as beautiful as you choose. 

Pay attention to your relationships this week. Notice how much weight you place on other people's opinions compared to your own.

When you get dressed this week, get dressed for yourself. What clothes make you feel good? When you choose your meals, when you speak your mind, when you say yes to things, do it for you, because you want to.

When you journal today reflect on your life choices and how many of them came about based on how you wanted other people to perceive you and how many of them were choices made because you thought it’s what someone else expected of you.


today's affirmation

I am not concerned with what anyone else thinks about me.
I love myself as I am.


gentle nudge

I know we’re processing a lot in a short period of time so be gentle with yourself. Be strong and stick with any emotions that come up.