Day 19


I haven’t lived in a home with a television in over 5 years. I didn’t do this on purpose at first. I moved in with a friend who didn’t want to own a TV. I didn’t miss it at all, so I continued living this way. In my last apartment my roommate and I would sit and chat in the living room for hours instead of watching TV. There was no obnoxious background noise and no unconscious binge watching. TV, I have found, sucks my energy.

I was flying to New York sometime last year and put on the news. Everyone looked the same and acted the same. It felt so inauthentic. I hadn’t been consuming anything celebrity oriented for years. I don’t read magazines, I don’t click on any articles about celebrity gossip, and I don’t watch much TV (I watch shows from my computer which allows me to make conscious choices about my consumption). So to see this after such a large gap without it made me realize what an artificial position we portray as normal.

What we consume becomes a part of our consciousness.

For years I was having intensely violent nightmares. They were insanely stressful and gruesome. I worked with a teacher who told me to stop watching anything remotely violent. Sure enough the nightmares completely stopped. Our minds are easily shaped by what we consume. Even if we rationally know it’s fictitious our subconscious can’t distinguish between fact and fiction.

I’m not telling you not to flip through magazines if you love fashion, but be aware that even if you know these figures are not actual depictions of the human form, your psyche doesn't really get that.

We unconsciously consume thousands of images a day that become a part of what we believe we should be.

We don’t see the side by side images of the model before and after Photoshop like these. If we lived in a culture where real bodies were represented and not turned into shiny, smooth images, we’d have healthier relationships to our own bodies. 

Empower yourself. There is one shape that is shown in advertising and there are a multitude of shapes the body actually comes in. Be aware that if you consume hours of the media's interpretation of the human form, your relationship with your own body will very likely be affected. 


today's affirmation

I do my best to consume the truth.
I choose to see the positive.


gentle nudge

Don't forget to spend five minutes with your photo this morning.