Day 21


Are you able to take a compliment? Sit with this one for a moment. Taking a compliment is a really important step to recognizing you are worthy of being seen as a beautiful human being.

Many years ago I was wearing a cute dress and was complimented on it. I said, “Thanks, it’s from Target.” A few years later I read something that transformed my thinking about my response.

Qualifying my thanks by stating that my dress was from Target was diminishing the compliment. I wasn’t actually able to let in the gift that was being given to me. The gift was someone connecting with me, someone saying that I had good taste, and even that we share the same taste. Instead of owning it, I responded that I was cheap. And even if I said, “Thanks, it’s from Neiman,” I’d still be shifting the focus off of me and on to the store.

deep down we all want to be seen, to stand and be witnessed and allow our beauty to shine through.

So the next time you’re complimented pay attention to your response. Do you feel squirmy? Do you want to pass the compliment off? Do you own it? Do you stand tall and give thanks? Or do you diminish yourself?

This goes much deeper than compliments on clothing, but it's a good start. Our ability to receive love depends on our openness. When someone thanks you for something, dotes on you, or really sees you, do you let it in? 

When we really begin receiving it usually feels uncomfortable. We start to see how much we have been hiding from it and also how much we desperately long to be seen. 

Oh, and I bet you’ll start getting more compliments the more beautiful you feel. Because, like I’ve been saying, it radiates.


today's affirmation

Everyone sees my beauty.


gentle nudge

Keep on giving love to that photo.