Day 26


The ancient egyptians didn’t think too much of the brain. When you died, they would scoop your brain out your nostrils and throw it away. Your heart, on the other hand, would be left in place. They believed the heart held the mind and soul.

Today we have scientific evidence that shows the heart’s electromagnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s and can be detected several feet away from the body.

Our culture is heavily focused on the brain. We believe intelligence comes from the brain and that the mind lives there. If we consider the mind to be intelligence and intellect we’d have to consider that the mind is an embodiment. In other words, the mind lives in the body.

The heart chakra is the energy hub in the center of your chest in the front and back of the body. Most of us have big blockages in our heart systems because we don’t know how to process emotions properly. How many times have you heard the advice, “Stay busy,” when you’re in grief? No one ever really advises you to dwell in your sorrow. We still have the residue of the past generations tough guy attitude, the idea that emotions are for women (and are considered to be weak) and that you should toughen up and move on with life.

When I was getting a massage from a healer a few years ago he was shocked by how much pressure I could withstand. This was a man who was probably about 6’2” and built. He was using a lot of force and felt like he was going to hurt me, but it didn’t hurt at all. He was working on my upper back and remarked that it was as if there were chains running up my back, protecting my heart.

When I teach Breathwork I often have to encourage people to lift their upper backs when they are breathing into their chest because I can sense how tight it is. When we have been pained in some way we unconsciously create energetic blockages to protect our hearts. The irony here is that love embodies everything, even pain. The mind is afraid of pain, though, and so it does whatever it can to protect us from it. So our job is to sit with the pain, to be with it and feel it and cry and scream and let it out. That is healing. And that is how we take care of our hearts.

Consider your beliefs around your heart. If you've been hurt, is your instinct to close up? When you are in a difficult situation do you choose fear over love? Each time we do this we are closing our hearts a little more. Consider how you show up in the world when you have something to protect.

Be brave enough to keep your heart open.


today's affirmation

I honor my heart. I allow myself to freely give and receive love.


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