Day 27


Remember how you read that story in week one about how you came to be alive? Think about that again. Let it really sink in. And then know this:

You are meant to be you, here on this Earth.

You are unlike anyone else that exists. There is something about you that is unique. You may be connected to everyone else on this planet, but you are different. Each one of us is different. The more we try to conform to who we think the world wants us to be and who it is we want us to be, the us that is unique begins to die. 

Who you really are, the you that is unfettered by cultural conditioning and limited beliefs, is the you that the world needs. No one needs two of the same thing. We need you to be you. That's who you came here to be.

And the beautiful thing is that you don't need to try to be anyone.

You just have to let go and allow yourself to shine through. The essence of who you are is someone who doesn't need to try to be anyone. You are beautifully uniquely you. Give yourself permission to meet who you really are.

You might be wondering, "But how?" Well, through all of the challenges you've been doing, the diving deep into the exercises and worksheets, and my ultimate tool for healing and become more of ourselves is Breathwork.

I have virtual Breathwork workshops most months or you can begin to work with the breath on your own with these instructions. 


today's affirmation

I let go and allow myself to shine.


gentle nudge

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