Day 4


I have been around beautiful women, and I have found myself feeling inadequate. I have gone out dancing with a girlfriend, got dressed, and when she showed up wished I was dressed more like her. I have seen thick curly hair, high cheekbones, and incredible personalities and wished I was more that. I have felt the sting when I saw someone in my field who appeared more successful than me.

This feeling is one I’m sure you’re familiar with in some way. Think about a time when you were around someone you thought was beautiful and incredible. Maybe you felt insecure. Maybe you wished for their hair, nose, or complexion. Maybe you wished people would look at you like that. Maybe you wished for their laugh or ease of being. Maybe you shrunk down a little bit. Maybe you took notes on how you could act a little more like them.

People tend to react to these circumstances in one of two ways:

  1. They shrink themselves down.
    I wish I looked more like her. I’m not pretty enough. No one wants to talk to me.
  2. They diminish the other person.
    I just don't like her. He’s such an annoying person. She’s not doing it the way I would.

Neither of these perspectives are necessary when we wake up to the truth that there is room for us all. We can all be beautiful.

Diversity is part of what makes the universe so incredible. Human beings are an incredibly diverse species. We range in color, height, shape, and expression. The planet is full of a wide range of life from Tardigrades to Polar Bears. The Earth itself ranges from lush rolling hills to rain forests, desert to snowy mountain tops.

Your unique soul, personality, and human form have a place and purpose. You belong here just as much as anything else that exists. You are a part of this process that is diverse at its core.

Each time you want to be more like someone else you deny the inherent purpose within you to be exactly who it is you are.

The more you own your power you give others permission to own theirs. The attempt to be like others waters down the richness of life.

Instead, you can appreciate someone else’s beauty without wanting to be like them. You can embrace your own beauty and everyone else’s. 

Notice which type of person you are. If you diminish others, try appreciating them instead. Love up that person’s hair, but still love yours. Love that person’s outfit, but still know you’re fly. Love the way they walk and talk and all the unique things that make them who they are, and still love all of the things about you that make you you.

When we honor another we allow that part to grow within ourselves.

You don’t need to dim your light because another beautiful soul is in the same space with you, and you don't need to diminish their light for yours to shine, too.


today's affirmation

There is room for us all.
We are all beautiful.


gentle nudge

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