Day 7


The first step in releasing limiting beliefs is to become conscious that they are there. This first module set the context for our work together. As much as possible keep bringing yourself back to the recognition of who it is you truly are. Remember your place in the Universe. Acknowledge your purpose. Honor who you are and where you're at.

One of the biggest reasons I created this course is because I want to help people move through the areas that are keeping them stuck so they can show up to really live the lives they want. Our issues around our physical appearance suck our energy and keep us out of living.

I've created a worksheet for you to use today to get clear on what you want for your life. As you work on it pay very close attention to your body and mind. Notice the thoughts that creep in that tell you it's not possible. Tune into any tight sensations in your body. See how and where you are keeping yourself small and breathe through it.


today's affirmation

I am here to live big.


gentle nudge

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