Day 8


First I want to congratulate you for completing week one! Before you continue reading this I’d love for you to take a quick pause, head over to the Facebook group, and send us an update on how the course is going for you so far. Here are some prompts:

  1. Have you had any ah-ha! moments?
  2. What emotions have come up for you from the Change Your Life Challenge?
  3. What are you finding most challenging?

I’d really love to hear from you, and I read every response.

Change Your Life Challenge  

This week you get to dance! Told you we were going to have fun. Well, how fun it is will depend on who you are, how you feel about your body, and how you feel about moving your body. But this challenge is going to be done in the safest way possible, and it will lead you to fun if it doesn't come naturally. It’s about you working on getting comfortable with you.

I love dancing. As a teenager I would lie to my parents about sleeping over my friend’s house and go dance at a club in Philadelphia until 2am. The more crowded the dance floor, the better. I wasn't interested in dancing with guys. I just wanted to feel the music in my body and move. 

The beauty of dancing comes when you're connected to the way your body feels as you move instead of the way your body looks. 

It’s about the feeling of the music in your soul and letting the energy take you where it wants to take you. I took a few dance classes a couple years ago where we did very simple movements with our bodies to music. Exploring the way my body felt with each movement was a liberation from classes where you replicate another person's form.

So this week’s challenge is simply to move your body to music. Go somewhere private. Close the door, put some music on loud (or even some earbuds will do), and start moving. What I want you to pay attention to here is the judgement. Any time you find your mind judging the way you’re moving take a deep breath, concentrate on the music, feel into your body, and move the way your body wants to move.

This might be really challenging for you. It might feel uncomfortable to move your body. You might have a lot of judgement about how it feels to be in your body. Close your eyes and be patient with yourself as you move. Just feel into what feels good for your body. If it feels more like a stretch and sway type ballet, do that. If you just swing your hips and open your arms wide that's cool. Just keep moving for the entire song.

This is not about looking good or learning dance moves.

This is about getting connected to your body and allowing it to move in a way that feels good. It’s about bringing a little joy to your life.

I have a playlist I use called Wake Up and Move, and I encourage many of my clients to start their mornings by dancing to a random song from the playlist. Feel free to use that or find music that speaks to your soul if my playlist doesn’t. It’s really important that you like the music you’re moving to.

Some of my clients have said it was the best assignment they’d ever been given, and I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you.


today's affirmation

It feels good to move my body.