Day 9


This week we’re focusing on honoring your body and yourself. Many of us are detached from our bodies and what they’re communicating to us on a daily basis. There is so much intelligence and information that’s often being dismissed because we're so conditioned to process everything through the mind.

I struggled with acne from puberty until my late twenties. I tried everything. I used ProActive and every over-the-counter medication and face scrub. I wore makeup to try to cover it up and detoxed to give my skin a break. No difference. In my early twenties I went vegan, sure this would solve it. Nope. In my mid twenties I went on a super strict diet: nut free, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, nothing but the cleanest and purest. I did this for almost a full year. Nada.

When I was a teenager I remember looking in the mirror with tears in my eyes and praying to God to just let me work with what I’d been given. Meaning, “Come on, man. My face is enough to deal with, please at least take the pimples away.”

I would have spurts of clear skin, a week here or there, and I just couldn’t make sense of it. When I found my first Breathwork teacher I mentioned something about struggling with my skin. He waved his hand and decidedly said, “That's an easy fix.” A thing I’d been struggling with my entire life. A thing I would have given almost anything to get rid of.

And he was right. A few weeks after doing Breathwork my skin was clear. I had purged some deep traumas and worked through some intense beliefs about myself and my life. I felt lighter. I felt like I knew how to heal myself. I was on an entirely new path. Breathwork helped me work on deep trust and control issues that I believe my skin was pointing to. 

Our bodies are intelligent, and often times we ignore their signs or we stubbornly refuse to acknowledge what the signs are pointing to.

I believe, for many of us, our bodies show us that we aren’t connected to our highest selves. This truth can manifest in a variety of ways. Take a look at your own body. Is it speaking to you? Is it possible that your body could be telling you something? The body isn’t a robotic mechanism. It’s an organic system influenced by our thoughts and emotions. Many physical manifestations of ill health can be pointing to deeper spiritual and emotional disconnections.

Start to listen to your body and be willing to look a little deeper. Don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to figure it out. Just be open and willing.

Use your journal this week to note down emotions and sensations that occur in your body and what they might be in response to.


today's affirmation

I am willing to see and hear the wisdom of my body.


gentle nudge

Keep on getting your groove on.