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releasing your pain



Desert Detox:
Releasing Your Pain

Desert Detox is an afternoon workshop in Wonder Valley, an isolated town East of Joshua Tree. The workshop is held at Fox & Feather, my getaway cabin in the high desert of California. Read on below for all the event details.

releasing your pain


We are in a whole lotta pain right now. Some of us are overflowing and overwhelmed while others are disconnected and unclear. There’s a lot for us to be upset about. Marginalized voices are being ignored, and we are being treated like we don’t matter.

On top of what’s going on socially and politically, we live with our own personal pain from childhood wounds, abuses, and insecurities. Many of us carry the pain of our ancestors as well as past life anguish. We are all desperately craving relief from our pain.

This will be an intimate group where we’ll speak about the way pain shows up in our hearts and bodies. I’ll guide you through some writing prompts, exercises, and conversation to pull up some of the pain. I’ll then guide you through a healing Breathwork session to process and release conscious and unconscious pain.

You’ll leave this workshop having more clarity and direction as well as tools to process your pain on your own.


November 3rd

Space is limited!


about fox & feather

Fox & Feather is a 1950s cabin in Wonder Valley, California that sits on 5 acres of land. Wonder Valley is East of Joshua Tree. The cabin is about 20 minutes from the North Entrance of Joshua Tree National Park.

This afternoon workshop will give you an opportunity to connect to the powerful desert land. This land is very healing and can pull up some big emotions that need to be released. 

Without traffic it will take about 2 hours and 45 minutes to arrive from Los Angeles (coming from Silverlake). Exact location will be provided upon purchase as well as other need-to-know info.