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Breathwork for Accepting Where You Are


This is an in-person workshop at a private residence in Atwater Village in Los Angeles. Address will be provided to attendees the day before the workshop.

One of the most challenging parts of the healing journey is accepting where we’re at and allowing ourselves to be in process. We feel like things aren’t progressing the way we believe they should. We compare ourselves to the healing paths of others. All of this comparison and self-judgment keeps us stuck.

This group will be a container to share the truth of where you are, where you wish you are, and make peace with being exactly where you are. We’re living in a time where many of us feel isolated and lack community connection on the level our souls need. This will be an intimate circle to be witnessed and move through fear and doubt. We’ll close with a Breathwork practice to open your heart and connect you to your truth.

Space is limited. 

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