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Releasing Emotional Pain: A Virtual Breathwork Workshop


Most of us don't have a system in place for processing our pain. During the most painful times in our lives, we have sided with the belief that we're unlovable and unworthy. We hold our pain close or we push it away. We might think it has faded away with our memories, but the truth is that unprocessed emotional pain stays in the body. It keeps us stuck, out of love, disconnected from our truth, anxious, depressed, and discontent.

In this workshop, I'll guide you through a Breathwork session, my go-to process for releasing emotional pain. Whether you're feeling sadness, heartbreak, grief, anger, anxiety, frustration or some other emotion, this workshop will give you a process for healing that you can use throughout your life. 

This session will be recorded for those who can't attend live. All are welcome.

If you are a Dig Deeper member you get free access to this workshop!