Frequently Asked Questions


What is breathwork?

Breathwork is an active meditation that releases stuck emotions, opens the heart, and connects you to your body. It needs to be experienced to be fully understood, but you can read more about the practice and what people have to say about it here.

My heart is broken. Is this pain going to last forever?

No, love, it won't. I know it feels like it. I know me saying this still won't make it feel like it. But it will pass just as all emotions do. Head over to my Heartbreak Healing page for support during this difficult time.


I still want the pain to go away. What can I do?

Feel it. Don't run from it. Cry. Scream into a pillow. Journal. Do Breathwork. Dance. Ask your pain what it's here to teach you.

Can you host a workshop in my city?

Maybe! Shoot me a note and let me know where you live and any ideas you might have.

What is the Desire Map?

The Desire Map is a process created by Danielle Laporte. It's a guide to uncovering how it is you truly want to feel in your life. From this place of clarity our lives begin to transform. Learn more here.


I want to work with you but I live somewhere else in the world.

All good! Most of my work is done virtually. My last workshop had participants from the US, Germany, Australia, U.K., and Pakistan! The beauty of technology is that we get to connect with our soul brothers and sisters who happen to live elsewhere. Find our what virtual workshops I'm currently offering here.

I want to work with you but I'm broke

I hear you. Money woes were once mine as well. I have tons of free information in the form of articles, audio courses, and if you get on my mailing list I also host free webinars from time to time. This article on Changing Your Relationship to Money will also serve you. I also made a very affordable guided Breathwork audio for you.

How did you change so much?

I committed myself to my own growth. Sometimes I slipped off, like we all do, but I always got back to it. Often times my pain was the thing that brought me back home to my own healing. You can read my full story here.


Why do you do Breathwork with the Desire Map?

People tend to have a very difficult time getting out of their heads, and Breathwork is the perfect tool to do that. Pairing Breathwork with The Desire Map allows people to answer questions about their desires from a deeper place. To discover what other people are saying about this work head over here.