You spend a lot of energy. You spend it when you wish there was something different about you. You spend it when you imitate others instead of sharing your authentic voice. You spend it when you look in the mirror and allow the negative thoughts to unleash. You spend loads of it every single time you compare yourself to another person. You spend it when you put yourself down, when you try to be different, and when you wish away your moments.

Imagine what you could do with all that energy.

I was fun, creative, and outgoing until my energy started being funneled into self-preservation.

I never knew I had a big nose until I read a note a seventh grade girl left in my locker. I decided then that I must be ugly. When you're not pretty no one wants to look at you. So I stopped wanting to be seen. That meant I started shrinking.

I shrunk down when beautiful women were around. I avoided eye contact when attractive men looked at me because I didn't believe I was worthy of their gaze. I wished my hair was curlier, my nose smaller, my arms hairless, and my body voluptuous. I criticized myself in photos and tried my best to nonchalantly always be on the left side (my "best" side).

My body felt awkward and uncomfortable, like I was carrying around my insecurities.

Because I was.

Just the other morning I walked by a building where I could see my reflection. My first reaction when I saw myself?

Damn girrrrrrl.

That little girl in seventh grade could never fathom feeling the way I feel now because she didn't have a clue it was possible. She had no guidance or support to heal herself back then.



Michelle D'Avella Breathwork Teacher

We deserve to live in a world where our diverse beauty is honored. We shouldn't have to unlearn the damage from advertisements, mean kids, and even loved ones. But we do.

I have always wanted more for my life. I never wanted to shrink myself down. I knew I had something unique to give the world, even if I didn't know what it was. I spent a lot of time up in my head, totally disconnected from my body, most of my life feeling trapped within myself.

The truth is that I was too busy trying to be who I thought I should be to discover who I was.

I wasted so much time living in my head, putting myself down, and being concerned with what everyone else thought about me. 


I have spent ten years learning to become more me

Through dozens of self-help books, hundreds of articles, several spiritual retreats, numerous healing modalities, one teeny-tiny cult, a few boyfriends and breakups, a multitude of workshop and courses, and many life lessons, I have learned what it means to feel beautiful. What I discovered along the way is that beauty really has nothing to do with physical appearance. It's an inner state, a confidence that comes from a deep knowing of who I am. 

It was a long and winding road, but I have walked through the fire of my own pain, opened my eyes to the truth of myself, and now I can tell you that I am beautiful.

I can say that without giving a damn what you think about my face, my body, my voice, or my style. I can say that with ultimate confidence in who I am.

If you're starting to feel excited as you read this than you're ready for this. If you're feeling a little jelly...well, you too are ready for this. Jealousy and excitement point to the seed of what is ready to grow within us. And you, my friend, are ready to change your relationship to yourself. Oh, and if you're judging the shit out of me and you got this far then you're definitely ready for this.




Start a New Relationship with Yourself

How to Feel Beautiful is a 4-week course where you will learn, step-by-step, how to love and accept yourself as you are. You heard me:

Nothing has to change about your physical appearance for you to feel beautiful.

You don't need to lose weight, cake on makeup, or buy new clothes. In this course I am going to teach you how to change your belief systems so you can see yourself clearly. It's not going to be an easy process, but if you commit to following the steps you could end up just like Ed: 

"Since taking How to Feel Beautiful, I walk by mirrors and actually believe that I am a lot better looking than I was! My thinking and belief system has changed tremendously since finishing this course."

what's included

How To Feel Beautiful Worksheet

what you'll learn in each module

Each day holds a lesson from me with a positive affirmation for the day as well as an assignment to guide you toward feeling beautiful. On the first day of each week is a video from me, giving you a Change Your Life Challenge.

Yes, there are going to be some challenges in this course, and that's because big transformations come to us when we walk through the fire. 

I'm going to ask you to do things that might bring up difficult emotions. They may seem silly at first but end up bringing you to tears. It might be difficult, but on the other side is the life you've been waiting to live with a whole lot more energy to put into the things that matter.

Module 1

In the first module we set the context for our work together. You'll learn why you can remember the teeny tiny details of the worst moments of your life but have a hard time recalling all the moments of beauty. You'll gain an understanding of how the mind works to empower you to work with it instead of being its victim. 

Module 1 is all about understanding the process of life, your place in it, and honoring your role here.

Module 2

We live in a culture that places more value on the mind than the body. The body is used to get us to where we want to be. We lack an understanding and appreciation for the beautiful vessels that have so much more to offer us than we recognize. In this module you'll develop a deeper connection to your body and the wisdom it has to bring to your life.

Module 3

The way we relate to the world shapes the way we feel about ourselves. It's easy to feel great when everyone is praising and complimenting you. But what happens when someone says something hurtful? In week three you'll how to relate with the world around you without shrinking down.

Module 4

The way we feel in our beings has so much to do with what we hold onto. The pain from our past, the moments that burned, the experiences that felt unbearable, we often hold them tightly and often without realize it. In the final week of this course you'll look at some of the ways you are stuck and how to release what's keeping you there.




Begins April 17th
31 days of content
Private Facebook group



To me, beauty is radiance of bliss. It's an inner state that shines through our bodies when we feel joyful and grateful to be alive. When you love who you are deeply the cells in your body vibrate at a higher frequency. Your entire being changes.

While I believe self love is the path to true beauty, I'm going to be giving you much more than self love tips. In this course you'll find exercises that will shift the way you see yourself and change the way you feel in your body. 



I'm putting a lot of myself into this course. These are all lessons I've learned and things that I've done to embrace my own beauty. But this course is all about you. Like anything in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. If you read all of the lessons and wholeheartedly do all of the exercises every day for 31 days, expect that something will shift in you.

And if you expect something will shift, if you show up to do the work, and if you really give all of yourself to it, you will change. Like the Zen proverb says, "When the student is ready the teacher appears." If you're ready to change you will.



Begins April 17th
Full course access
Private Facebook group



On April 3rd you will receive an email with access to the site landing page. There you will have open access to the entire course. If you're feeling overwhelmed and need to skip a day or end up a few days behind, don't sweat it. If something happens and you need to do the course in a few months you can because you have lifetime access. You can go back to it anytime. If you want to spend two weeks on a Change Your Life Challenge instead of one, go for it. You get the freedom to do this in a way that fits your own life. Have fun with it. 


are you ready for change?

If you've gotten this far you're ready for something. A shift. A change. Something more for your life. Relief. Contentment. To feel unfettered. A deeper understanding of yourself. Energy put into the right places.

Change happens when you commit to something that resonates with our soul. When you close your eyes and feel into your body you get a YES or a NO. Follow that lead. It won't ever fail you. If you close your eyes and get a I-Have-No-Idea you're disconnected from your body, and this course is for you.


who is this course really for?

It's for you regardless of your gender identity, sexual identity, or age.

It's for you if you're ready to release old beliefs around your appearance.

It's for you want to stop the negative chatter when you look in the mirror.

It's for you if you want to stop looking in the mirror to see if you look OK.

It's for you if you want to feel really good in your body.

It's for you if you're ready to channel all the energy that is being wasted on your self-concern into building the life you deserve.

It's for you if you're ready to release all the judgement and pain that's been weighing your body down.

It's for you if you're ready to let go of all the stories you've been telling yourself about being unworthy according to other people's definitions of beauty.

It's for you if you're ready to come to terms with who you are.

It's for you if you're ready to connect to the beautiful soul you've been hiding from.


who this course is not for

This is not for you if you aren't willing to put in the work. There is no get rich quick scheme for self love. There is only the path of showing up for yourself every moment. That means you might dread doing the challenges. If you do, you need them more than you could imagine. But this course is not for you if you're going to avoid the work. Because through the work is how you will learn to feel beautiful.



Begins April 17th
4 weeks of content
Private Facebook group


meet previous participants


"It was a delight to read your lessons every morning. I really resonated with every one of them and I loved your personal stories and comments...simply 'beautiful.' Thanks for reminding me that I am beautiful inside and out!" 
-Melina, Australia


"What was most important to me in the course was experiencing your vulnerability and transparency. I felt connected with you as a real person who has struggled, who has learned about herself and her value.The length of each sharing was easy to work with and the structure felt just right, e.g. enough, not too many, challenges. I liked summarizing the days teaching with an affirmation. Thank you for being an inspiration as a teacher and for supporting me and others to celebrate our unique expressions, as we are...all beautiful."
–Steven, Kauai

"I am loving this course. Everyday the messages turn out to be about exactly what I’ve needed to look at! Thank you so much." 
Stacey, France

"Thank you SO much again for this journey. I loved how you covered so many aspects of life where I feel anxiety or negative emotions and ways to dissolve them into love. I often read your lessons with a smile on my face, because its like you just got me and spoke right to my own issues." 
Monika, Australia


"Anytime I feel isolated in something that I do (especially the insanity of vanity) I feel as if I cannot overcome the inside voice. And as soon as I read your lessons it feels so much less overwhelming. Your course gave me a feeling of connection, and that positive unity is so powerful."  
India, San Diego


about michelle

Michelle D'Avella Breathwork Teacher

There was a time when I hated my nose, felt like I was too skinny, and felt disappointed when I looked in the mirror. Now when I see my own reflection I feel love and gratitude. I'll often hear my mind saying, "Damn girl!" I have unlearned all the cultural perceptions of beauty. I am no longer bound by the belief that I don't have the right to call myself beautiful because I don't look the way society has dictated beauty to look. I am free, I feel beautiful, and I know that you deserve to feel that way too. That's why I created this course for you.


frequently asked questions


When does this course start?

April 3rd


How long will I get access for?

Foreva. Foreva eva. 


Do i get all the content at once?

Yes. All content for the 31 day course will be available to you on April 3rd. I advise going in order over the 31 days, but it's up to you and what fits your life best.


How do I know you're going to teach me something i don't already know?

If you're a skeptic, I'm not here to turn you into a believer, but if you've read any of my articles or downloaded any of my free content and I have taught you something than chances are you will learn a thing or two or much more in this course. Also keep in mind that knowing something with your mind is not the same thing as feeling it. This course is experiential. You're going to be doing daily work on your relationship to yourself. In my experience, whenever I sign up for something that resonates with me I transform.

What If I fall behind?

All good! If something comes up you can pause and come back to it as you need. I only suggest you stick with the time table for each module so you get the benefits of the Change Your Life Challenges. If you're a week behind, don't sweat it.


What format is the course content delivered in?

Great question! Each of the four modules has a Change Your Life Challenge in video and written format. All daily lessons are in written format.


Can i get a payment plan?

Not for this course. It's priced very affordably for the value already. I know it can feel scary to spend money on yourself in this way when you aren't used to doing it. My first $47 course felt like a lot. Now I spend thousands on courses and fairly easily. Think about it this way: how much transformation is $97 worth to you? I could easily price this course much higher for the value. 


gratitude for how to feel beautiful

"Thank you for offering this 31 day experience! The practices offered exposure and I looked forward to the affirmations every day. What they unmasked was somewhat shocking and revelatory. Your program revealed how one can recognize value within by allowing myself the room to continue acknowledging what showing up means for myself and feeling the freedom to celebrate my own recognition."  


"Every day I look forward to receiving your lessons, reading and writing down the affirmation, and just sitting with it. The most challenging part so far are the Challenges! Just reading challenge one put me in panic mode. Just the thought of looking at my body naked brought up fear and disgust. I simply don’t want to look at this ugliness and lumpiness. Then one day I just did it and felt a relaxation in my body and mind and then a smile and warmth. Hatred wasn’t present if even for just a few moments. Then another day, once again the softening was felt as I moved toward the mirror, and I was astounded."

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