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Feel & heal sessions

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A few months ago I got a hit that I needed to create an offering to better support those who are currently underserved and/or in a financial situation that prohibit you from working with me.

who this is for

This is for you if you are someone in an underserved community. This means you might be a person of color, trans, a person with a disability, a single mother, etc. It might also mean you are someone who is in a legitimate financial constraint. 

WHAT do i mean by legitimate financial constraint?

I mean that you actually can't afford a fully priced healing session with me. It's not that you choose not to spend the money on it, it's that you actually can't right now. I have been in this situation myself, and I want to offer this support to you if you are there now.

This is a trust based system. I trust that you will be honest with yourself and with me. 

how it works

This is a sliding scale donation healing session. My current rate is $175 for a 75 minute session. These sessions are virtual, 55 minutes long, and start at $75. You are welcome to donate $75-$125 for the session. 

February 23rd is this month's Feel & Heal day. Sessions are open from 1pm-7pm PST. Once you make your donation you will schedule your session here.

Truly excited to work with you!

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Love for Michelle

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