Those are the two things I needed to hear when I was grieving a devastating breakup in in 2016. It's the thing people often email me about after reading my book. They say, "Thank you for making me feel less alone."

I fell into a deep depression, suffered from intense anxiety, and felt so lost that I didn't know what to do with myself. 

My healing process was not short.
It was not painless.
It was not easy.

My heartbreak was my greatest gift.

If you allow your pain to teach you, you will transform. This is the gift you can give yourself right now. Do it because you want to experience greater love than you ever have before. Do it for your future partner. Do it for your future self. 

To get you started on your healing journey, I've created a simple guide with a few rules to help you heal your heart. Click the button below to download it for free.


Download 6 Rules to Help Heal Your Heart



I wrote a book about my journey, and inside it you'll find all of the insight and wisdom I gained through healing. 

A book for anyone who has loved & lost, fallen into the dark hole of depression, grieved deeply, or is ready to heal.


Getting started with breathwork


The kit I created to help you begin your Breathwork practice. It includes 3 guided Breathwork meditations, an ebook about how Breathwork heals, an FAQ, and a series of printables for a 30-day Breathwork challenge.