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the heartbreak diaries


The Heartbreak Diaries is a series of 14 daily emails that will help support you as you embark on your healing journey after your breakup. 

I went through the most challenging breakup of my life this year. I fell into a deep depression, suffered from intense anxiety, and felt so disoriented and sad that I didn't know what to do with myself. I needed to be reminded of things over and over again, simple things like:

This is not going to last forever.


And also:

There is someone else out there who will love you and who you will love.

I know you can’t imagine it right now, but that love is going to be even greater.

In the times I was coming out of my depression I would have slivers of deep insights into who I really was: an incredibly beautiful, soulful, loving person who is worthy of the best things life offers up to us all. And in those times I would write myself letters reminding me of this. In my dark times I would read them, and they really helped.

So I thought these letters, or diaries, would help you while you’re in the dark. Included are excerpts from my dark moments, the things I learned to get me through it in a healthy way, and Pep Talks to remind you that you are going to get through this. 

So if you’ve just pulled yourself up off the floor, a pile of tissues to the side, I hope you’ll let me be there for you. It would be my honor.


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I first heard of Michelle's work through Tiny Buddha. I was especially moved by her blogs regarding her relationship issues, as I was going through something very similar at the time. I then saw an announcement for her Breathwork for the Brokenhearted workshop, and it felt like something I needed. Well, the day after the workshop I was able to release a lot of anger, thanks to the guided exercises in the workshop. Being able to release that anger allowed me to also deal with deeper lying issues that came up about a week later, and that really helped me to move on. I can honestly say that the workshop came at exactly the right time, because it triggered a lot of emotional movement. I am so grateful to Michelle for offering this service, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation." 
— Gunter Hatze
"In the midst of a very new breakup, Michelle's website came into my life. I joined Breathwork for the Brokenhearted 7 months after my breakup. The program facilitated a unique journey within myself that I thought I had already ventured and figured out. Michelle and the Breathwork session allowed me to realize exactly what I was still holding onto from the heartbreak and what I still needed to provide for myself. I am very grateful for Michelle and her gifts she so generously shares." 
— Liz
"I would absolutely recommend The Heartbreak Diaires. I was very depressed about my breakup, to the point of devastation. So at first, I didn't think it was going to help but then I spent a few days focused just on the first day's message and slowly I started to be more open to feeling better. The first step. As the days progressed I began to feel more comfort and peace. I love that there's no prescribed way to go through the course; you can spend more than one day on each message, and you can go back and forth between daily messages. This series helped me get through my day-to-day and find a way to feel optimistic about my future again." 
— Jodi
"I just finished reading the final day of The Heartbreak Diaries. I can see progress in my healing when looking back at my journal entries from these past two weeks and that gives me hope. Mornings have been the hardest time for me but what helped get me out of bed was knowing that I had an understanding and encouraging voice waiting in my inbox. My journey continues, and I'll hold dear to something you said in today's message... 'When you become whole you will attract a partner into your life who is whole as well...'"  
— Greg
"I have been feeling sad and hopeless after my breakup. I've been struggling with letting go and not thinking about what I could have done differently. The Heartbreak Diaries resonated with me more than other things I've tried. Michelle made me feel less alone and "crazy" for the way I felt. By the end of the series I felt hopeful and ready to take action to make myself stronger. The daily support, something to look forward to each day, and motivation for my future made The Heartbreak Diaries well worth the money." 
— Maribeth
"I am so thankful to have met Michelle. She is truly amazing! I believe I'm in contact with her for a reason. I looked forward to receiving these emails every day! I would definitely recommend The Heartbreak Diaries regardless of whether the breakup is new or not." 
— Gabrielle
"It's amazing how the universe provides us what we need just when we need it. Thank you for your strength, your words, and your courage. Because of you, I know I can rise above it all. I'm so happy I decided to purchase these emails. I know I'm going to be very sad when day 14 comes." 
— Liz