Heartbreak Healing

This is a six week intensive to pinpoint limiting beliefs and clear blockages that are holding you back from releasing a former partner and manifesting the one you truly deserve. We'll meet once a week for 90 minutes for both healing, processing, and guidance. 


6 Week Program
90 Minute Sessions Weekly
Breathwork & Mentoring
Email Support
$1,125 or 3 payments of $450


Love Notes


"I felt amazing after my sessions with Michelle! I learnt so much. So many points have stuck with me and opened my mind to see things from a more empowering perspective. Our work brought to light a lot that I had been blocking. I recommend working with Michelle after a breakup. She helped me see a new perspective and heal from this breakup without getting stuck in victim mode. That's so important!" —Natalie


"I came to Michelle after a devastating breakup. I was miserable and extremely anxious. Michelle helped me focus on what feelings my mind was trying to avoid. Her focus was on helping me learn to love myself. Through Breathwork and Michelle's guidance I was able to control my mind and find hope for my life again. Each week I felt better and better. This work is not a quick fix, but I took it very seriously and showed up for each session. This work has been so encouraging for my life." -Leo, NYC


"In my sessions with Michelle I felt heard and understood. My biggest realization was that I deserve love! I can now see that I have allowed myself to stay in situations that are unhealthy. My mind was incredibly scattered before our work. Now I feel calm and centered." —Tricia


"Before working with Michelle I felt confused and lost. Through working together I feel 100% more grounded. Breathwork grounded me like no other healing method I've worked with before. I have always struggled with making time for myself, and with Michelle's encouragement I began to carve out solid time for self care. I feel so much more connected to my body and am so aware of how much can be learned from the breath and the body. I highly recommend working with Michelle." -Julia, TX


"This session helped me truly understand that it’s ok for me to be sad, to cry, to be angry, to have emotions that are all over the place. Michelle's honesty and authenticity made me feel safe and connected. I was able to open up and be raw and honest, and Michelle helped me see things I hadn’t been able to see before."


"Working with Michelle has brought me so much inner strength and stability. This is huge for me! Through her amazing listening skills, her intuitive understanding of people and her knowledge, she helped me discover how to access the resources which were in me already but that I could not see." -Marie-Eve, Canada