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Breathwork Teacher & Desire Map Facilitator




-— H E L D —-


NOVEMBER 17 @ 11am - 4pm


PRICE : $144

H E L D is a day retreat in Atwater Village hosted by Michelle D’Avella of Pushing Beauty and Taylor Montague of Akashic Light. It is a space to be witnessed in community, to honor where we each are on our journeys, to deepen our connection to our personal wisdom, and to connect to our support team on the other side.


This event features three powerful healing tools:

  1. Being H E L D in community

  2. Guided Breathwork Healing

  3. Channeled messages from your Akashic Records

We’ll open the circle with a candle ceremony, channeled Akashic message for the group, grounding meditation, and introspection through journaling prompts. You’ll be guided through a healing Breathwork session to open your heart and connect to your wisdom.

After a refreshments break, we’ll come back together in circle to witness a channeled Akashic Records message for each person. You’ll have an opportunity to ask a question to your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones and receive guidance to promote alignment with your soul’s purposes.



Opening Circle + Candle Ceremony

Grounding Meditation + Journaling

Breathwork Healing Session

Refreshments Break

Akashic Records Session

Closing Circle

The fusion of Breathwork and the Akashic Records will help you feel more supported and grounded on your journey. This is an intimate afternoon of deep healing work. It’s our hope that you’ll leave with an open heart, more clarity, and deeper connection to your personal wisdom.


The Details

November 17th
11am - 4:00pm
Space is limited

All genders welcome.


What is Breathwork?

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 2.37.00 PM.png

Breathwork is an active meditation that helps shut the mind off long enough to access stuck energy and emotions in the body. As we begin to release the mind, unprocessed emotional pain is able to surface. Breathwork gives us an opportunity to release the painful emotions and experiences that keep us stuck in our lives.

Breathwork can release unresolved emotional pain, recharge your creative battery, detox your nervous system, and nourish your soul.

We have developed a number of ways to hide from our emotions and many people are recognizing that what they've been doing isn't working, and it's time to try something else. Breathwork is the fastest way I know to shut off the mind, connect to the soul, and transform lives.


What are the Akashic Records?


The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains the vibrational record of every soul and its journey. This substance is light, the essential life force. It is infinite knowledge and wisdom, an infinite spiritual resource.

Accessing The Akashic Records allows us to engage with divine wisdom and knowledge from a compassionate lens ultimately honoring the alignment of our soul and guiding us with practical and spiritual insight.

There is a beautiful flow during an Akashic Records session, where your Light Council will guide us through messages and insight to support you with compassion and from an Akashic perspective. Working in your Akashic Records is a wonderful tool to research your soul’s purposes, relationships, career, creative projects, past lives that hold wisdom in relation to lessons you are moving through currently and help to identify stuck energy and/or thought patterns, aiding in pushing through deep-seated fears, traumas, and anxieties to guide you to follow your soul’s path of higher awareness.


About Michelle


Michelle D’Avella is an author, certified Breathwork facilitator, and mentor. She helps her clients transform painful experiences into valuable life lessons and create sustainable change through inner exploration, processing repressed emotions, and somatic release. Michelle is an advocate for reclaiming your power, showing up for yourself, and honoring the healing process. She has been featured in Forbes and W Magazine.


About Taylor

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 4.51.26 PM.png

By deepening her connection to spirit in the Akashic Records and through years of training, Taylor considers Akashic sessions not only an exploration but also a celebration. A believer in heart-centered clairvoyance and channelling, Taylor embraces each reading as a discovery, a dance, a way to be reconnected to your soul’s purpose and is fascinated by the unique offerings held within each session. Stepping aside, she acts as a clear channel between your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, the Akasha, and You.