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Breathwork Teacher & Desire Map Facilitator

a 3-month 1:1 program

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This is a three month program to provide support and guidance as you learn how to heal and love yourself. I'm interested in guiding you to discover the truth for yourself. That is the only way I believe we truly transform. It doesn't come from adopting belief systems, it comes from learning who you really are and discovering how to give yourself what you need. By the end of our time together you'll be clear on what's really holding you back, and you'll have the tools to live the life your soul is calling for.


We'll meet every other week, virtually or in person if you're in LA. Each session will combine intuitive mentoring and Breathwork healing sessions. I'll provide guidance based on your specific needs during our sessions together. I'm also action oriented so I'll be giving you tools (a.k.a. Homework Assignments) to use each week to catalyze transformation in your life. 


Most people want quick fixes. There is no quick fix to true transformation. It requires work, and to dig deep in to the resistant energy holding you back in your life takes some time. In three months we'll be able to go deep enough into where you're stuck and work through some of the limitations.


That's usually up to you. Many clients decide to continue on because they see such great benefits in our work together. Some feel they just need monthly maintenance sessions for that nudge deeper.


3 Month Program
Bi-Monthly 90 Min. Breathwork & Mentoring
3 Month Dig Deeper Premium Membership
Email Support
*Payment plan available, please inquire


Ready to get started?
Here's what to do:

Step 1: Tell me a little about yourself here so I can get a sense of where you're at.

Step 2: Watch your inbox for any follow up questions from me. I'll also tell you what my availability is to take you on, how the payment process will go, and any other details you need to know.

Step 3: Hit reply to that email, answer any questions I have, and ask me any of your own.

Step 4: Once you're ready to move forward I'll send you the link to make payment and to schedule your first session.

Easy peasy. But if you still have questions, just email me!


Love for Michelle

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