Love Peace Purpose

Love, Peace, & Purpose

This is a three month program to provide support and guidance as you learn how to heal and love yourself. I'm interested in guiding you to discover the truth for yourself. That is the only way I believe we truly transform. It doesn't come from adopting belief systems, it comes from learning who you really are and discovering how to give yourself what you need. By the end of our time together you'll be clear on what's really holding you back, and you'll have the tools to live the life your soul is calling for.

The Process

We'll meet every other week, virtually or in person if you're in LA. Each session will combine intuitive mentoring and Breathwork healing sessions. I'll provide guidance based on your specific needs during our sessions together. I'm also action oriented so I'll be giving you tools (a.k.a. Homework Assignments) to use each week to catalyze transformation in your life. 

Why 3 months?

Most people want quick fixes. There is no quick fix to true transformation. It requires work, and to dig deep in to the resistant energy holding you back in your life takes some time. In three months we'll be able to go deep enough into where you're stuck and work through some of the limitations.

What happens after?

That's usually up to you. Many clients decide to continue on because they see such great benefits in our work together. Some feel they just need monthly maintenance sessions for that nudge deeper.


3 Month Program
Weekly sessions alternating between:
90 Minute Breathwork & Mentoring
30 Minute Check Ins
Email Support Weekly
*Payment plan available, please inquire


Love Notes


"I was feeling very anxious and unsure of myself before working with Michelle. Michelle was very friendly and supportive. The work felt intuitive, and she helped me think and stand up for myself. I felt like I could share anything with Michelle. Before working with Michelle I had a very hard time showing up for myself. As a wife and mother, a big breakthrough for me was realizing that self-care does not mean I'm being selfish. After the three months I felt confident that I can handle this new phase of my life." -Dhirja, NJ


"I came to Michelle after a devastating breakup. I was miserable and extremely anxious. Michelle helped me focus on what feelings my mind was trying to avoid. Her focus was on helping me learn to love myself. Through Breathwork and Michelle's guidance I was able to control my mind and find hope for my life again. Each week I felt better and better. This work is not a quick fix, but I took it very seriously and showed up for each session. This work has been so encouraging for my life." -Leo, NYC


"Thank you SO much, Michelle. You crafted the space so beautifully, and you reminded me of the great, innate power of the breath. With a heart-breaking start to the year, I had forgotten about it. I pivoted away from my pain by drowning my myself in my work and being in service, sometimes as a way to nestle away from the hurt. Thank you for allowing me to feel... That soundtrack though... seriously girl. Thank you." -Tara Bliss, Australia


"Before working with Michelle I felt confused and lost. Through working together I feel 100% more grounded. Breathwork grounded me like no other healing method I've worked with before. I have always struggled with making time for myself, and with Michelle's encouragement I began to carve out solid time for self care. I feel so much more connected to my body and am so aware of how much can be learned from the breath and the body. I highly recommend working with Michelle." -Julia, TX


"The Breathwork sessions have really helped me bring clarity and understanding into several area of my life. One of the best gifts I've given myself in years. 

I recommend this technique to anyone searching for a deeper relationship with 'Self'. Each session brings me through a range of emotions, finally wrestling the mind down so the real work can begin. Breathwork is a priceless tool that helps me access all of the answers within myself. I felt loved and supported while embracing the truth with every breath. It's incredible feeling that change and peace are possible." -Cynthia, Boston


"Working with Michelle has brought me so much inner strength and stability. This is huge for me! Through her amazing listening skills, her intuitive understanding of people and her knowledge, she helped me discover how to access the resources which were in me already but that I could not see." -Marie-Eve, Canada


"I've come to many realizations about myself through Michelle's insights and the Breathwork practice she's taught me. I now know how to handle my once crushing anxiety. I've discovered things about myself I wasn't able to see clearly. Most recently, I've realized the vital role art plays in my life. Michelle has helped me find myself, and for that I am eternally grateful. She worked with me personally, giving me advice and information for furthering my inner journey. Oh, and she gave me the best assignment I've ever been given: to dance every morning! If you're looking to live a happier, more fulfilling life, work with Michelle." -Megan, Philadelphia


"With all my fear, anxiety and daily stress, I started going numb. After my healing sessions with Michelle, I slowly started tuning into what I really want and what my body is trying to communicate to me subtly. With Michelle's knowledge and experienced and with the Breathwork practice, a whole new dimension as been added to my life. This has been a new way of looking within for me to meet my soul." -Arjun, San Diego

"Working with Michelle really helped me learned that it's okay to feel ALL my emotions but not to define myself by them. This has also helped me dig deeper into what it is I'm really feeling which has helped me continue to discover something new about myself. She really challenged me even if it was uncomfortable. I thought that doing Breathwork over Skype wasn't going to be as effective or that it was going to be weird but it was perfect! You can tell when someone really wants to see you succeed, and with Michelle you can see the passion in her work and how she's rooting for you. The fact that I can keep doing Breathwork and automatically see the effects is amazing. Working with Michelle felt like a different approach to tackling the issues we're all struggling with. She's just wonderful overall." -Alejandra, Washington D.C.

"I began working with Michelle when I was diagnosed with cancer. Working with her has helped me let go of fear and get centered. There's something about knowing she has my back that makes a huge difference. Practicing Breathwork consistently with Michelle has helped me destress, calm me, and has given me deep insights into myself." -Lindsay, Chicago


"I was looking for deeper ways to heal stuck pain and working with Michelle brought great release and clarity. Most sessions were highly cathartic. Breathwork goes really deep into areas I'm not able to access with other practices. I feel safe working with Michelle. I feel I'm able to access very deep states and unpeel layers with her support. She is wonderful at meeting me where I'm at and is instrumental in setting intentions to help get me to where I want to go." -Joy, NYC


"I started working with Michelle at a time when I was feeling extremely anxious, depressed, and misunderstood. Talking to her felt like having a heart-to-heart with a good friend. She greats a safe space, and I like how action-oriented she is (she will not leave you without a plan!). Breathwork really helps my body detox and leaves me feeling warm and open. I'm so thankful for our sessions. I feel less critical of myself and others because of them." -Kournti, Philadelphia