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Breathwork Teacher & Desire Map Facilitator

overcoming fear of

being seen & heard

in your business


Overcome Your Fear

Overcoming Fear of Being Seen & Heard in Your Business is a kit designed to help you release the fear of using your voice and being seen in whatever stage you are in your business. I created this kit in response to the questions and requests I was getting about running what I called a Soul Based Business.

I noticed that many people have a deep longing for more. They want to share their gifts but find themselves stuck hiding. Even those who have gotten over the resistance to starting their businesses feel insecure on video, social media, or wherever their edge happens to be.

This kit includes an hour-long teaching in response to the many questions I’ve received about moving through these blocks, an audio file Breathwork meditation on Overcoming Fear, and a workbook with 17 pages of writing prompts to get clear on your intention in your business and where you’re hiding.

wait...what is breathwork and how does it relate to my business?

This kit is for those who run what I call Soul Based Businesses. A Soul Based Business is one that you feel guided to. It feels like a calling or one of the things you are meant to do while you’re on this planet. You’ll be using Breathwork to clear fear out of your nervous system and connect you to the part of yourself that is here to share your gifts.

Breathwork is an active meditation that helps shut the mind off long enough to access stuck energy and emotions in the body. As we begin to release the mind, unprocessed emotional pain is able to surface. Breathwork gives us an opportunity to release the pain and fear that keep us from showing up to express what we are called to in our businesses.

Breathwork can release unresolved emotional pain, clear out fear from your body, recharge your creative battery, and nourish your soul.

We have developed a number of ways to hide from our fear. If you recognize that what you’ve been doing isn’t working, and it's time to try something else, Breathwork is the best way I know to overcome the fear of being seen and heard.

who this is for

This kit is for anyone ready to overcome the fear of being seen and heard in business. More specifically, if you:

  • find yourself self-conscious, insecure, and frustrated when it comes to communicating your message

  • are a perfectionist and keep stalling

  • believe you don’t know enough

  • are unsure if there is a market for your voice

  • are spending your energy in the wrong places

  • believe you have to do it the way “successful” people are doing it

  • compare yourself to or are jealous of others in your field

  • shut down when you’re criticized


what's included

One Hour Teaching

In this hourlong teaching, you’ll learn the foundational work that freed me up to be seen and heard in my business. I provide concrete examples of why your voice matters, is necessary, and has a place wherever you are on your journey. I share with you the common areas we get stuck, how to move through the fear, and why you don’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) do it like everyone else is doing it.

Breathwork Meditation for Overcoming Fear


I have created custom, 40 minute Breathwork meditation for Overcoming Fear. I created a custom Spotify playlist that goes along with the meditation. If you live in a country where you don't have access to Spotify or if you don't pay for a Premium account (the only way I advise using the meditations), I have created an additional version with music accompanying the meditation. So, you can use these meditations with my music, my custom playlists, or your own music. All bases covered!



A 17-page workbook with writing prompts to help you get clear on your intention in your business, where you’re hiding, your gifts, action steps forward, and more.


Offering for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+, People with Disabilities


In an effort to offer reparations and inclusivity for those who are most marginalized, I am offering 50% off this kit for 10 of you. Please email me at to inquire and receive the promo code.

If you are privileged in any way and want to gift this kit to a person who is marginalized, please email me at


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