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Relentless Healers: Grounded Soul is a 4-month program to deeply explore the inner self, release unprocessed pain, and connect to your soul.


How It Works


Each month you’ll work with a specific theme outlined below. During that month, you’ll work with a Guided Breathwork Meditation on that theme. Each week, you’ll receive a video teaching on that month’s topic as well as a workbook with writing prompts for self study. In addition, you will work with me 1:1 to go more deeply into the work and how it directly applies to your life.

Curriculum Overview


Month 1
Learning How to Love & Value Yourself
Guided Breathwork Meditation for Self Love
Week 1 Teaching: Getting Grounded
Week 2 Teaching: Identifying Beliefs that Keep You Out of Love
Week 3 Teaching: The Hard Work of Self Love
Week 4 Teaching: You Are Just Right

Month 2
Healing Emotional Pain
Guided Breathwork Meditation for Healing Emotional Pain
Week 1 Teaching: Processing Grief & Sadness
Week 2 Teaching: Processing Anger 
Week 3 Teaching: Processing Depression
Week 4 Teaching: Processing Anxiety

Month 3
Creating Healthy Relationships
Guided Breathwork Meditation for Affirming Self-Worth
Week 1 Teaching: Healing the Child Wound
Week 2 Teaching: Setting Boundaries & Saying No
Week 3 Teaching: Releasing Toxic Relationships
Week 4 Teaching: Calling in The Right People

Month 4
Discovering Who You Are & Reclaiming Lost Parts of Yourself
Guided Breathwork Meditation for Reclaiming Your Power
Week 1 Teaching: Developing Self Trust
Week 2 Teaching: Your Inherent Purpose
Week 3 Teaching: Using Your Voice
Week 4 Teaching: Creating Your Dreams

See below for an in-depth look at what you’ll learn in this program.


Who Grounded Soul is For


This program requires you to commit to yourself for the full 4 months. This program is for you if you are ready to go inward, face the truth, learn to love yourself, and let go of your pain.

You will need to set aside intentional time to watch the teachings, journal, use the Guided Breathwork meditations, and to attend our 1:1 sessions. You need to be willing to change, grow, and most importantly—to open your heart.

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active meditation that helps shut the mind off long enough to access stuck energy and emotions in the body. As we begin to release the mind, unprocessed emotional pain is able to surface. Breathwork gives us an opportunity to release the painful emotions and experiences that keep us stuck in our lives.

In addition to releasing unresolved emotional pain, Breathwork also helps to recharge your creative battery, detox your nervous system, and nourish your soul.

This program is only available to those willing to develop a Breathwork practice. It’s the fastest way I know to shut off the mind, connect to the soul, and transform our lives.

My Philosophy


I love guiding and supporting people on their healing journeys, but it is your work. I am for you, but I can not make you love yourself. I am here to offer my wisdom—all that I have learned through my own difficult moments of facing the deepest pain and coming through the other side. I will share all that I know to be true, and I will always be honest. Integrity is everything to me.

I expect you to take your healing seriously, and I will also remind you that you’re doing a really good job (probably in every single session). I will help you see what you can’t or are sometimes unwilling to see. 

You are allowed to feel differently than I do. You are allowed to have your own life experiences that differ from mine. You are allowed to not resonate with something I have to say. That’s all OK with me. I am going to say what I feel I have to say, and I want you to say what you feel you have to say. No judgement. No shame. 


Month 1:
Learning How to Love & Value Yourself


Self-love is the foundation of healing. It is a moment-to-moment practice of training yourself to believe you are worthy of your own love. This is your work. No one can get you to love yourself but you. No one can affirm your worth but you. You have to dig deep into yourself time after time to rewire your nervous system and transform every cell in your body to be in allegiance to your heart and soul. It’s up to you to believe you are worthy, and this program gives you the tools and support to do it. 

Getting Grounded
In week one, we’ll be focusing on grounding and honoring your body’s needs. Many of us are carrying immense pain from physical and emotional trauma from these lives and previous lives, and it doesn’t feel safe to be in our bodies. Doing this work is a reclamation of our power by learning to trust that it’s safe to be in our bodies and acknowledging that even if it doesn’t feel like it, we are strong enough to face all of what is within us. 

Identifying Beliefs that Keep You Out of Love
In week two, we are working to break the cycle that keeps us out of love by slowing down and identifying the limiting beliefs we carry. We are teaching ourselves to pay attention to the sensations in the body that communicate the beliefs that keep us stuck, small, and disconnected from our true nature. 

The Hard Work of Self Love
In week three, we get honest about the hard work of self love. In theory, self love is easy, yet for most of us the practice can feel really hard. Choosing to love yourself might feel impossible sometimes, but it’s something you can learn to do.

You Are Just Right
In week four, we’re going into the self-worth wound. When we have experienced trauma, whether from abandonment, abuse, or feeling unseen and unheard, we have to reset our nervous system and send love to the parts of ourselves that have taken on the belief that there is something about us that is deficient or excessive, something about us that makes us not quite right and unworthy of love. 


Month 2:
Healing Emotional Pain


Understanding your emotional landscape is a prerequisite for healing. In module two, you will learn how to process some of the most challenging emotions that keep us stuck like grief, rage, depression, anxiety, and fear.

Processing Grief & Sadness
Most of us carry a well of sadness in our bodies. Sadness is a beautiful, cleansing emotion that can also feel terrifying and overwhelming. Many of us have big reclamation to do around being sensitive people in a world where it’s all too common to be called too sensitive, overly emotional, intense or dramatic. Paying attention to your sadness can show you what you believe, and it can also simply be an appropriate response to loss.

Processing Anger 
If you’ve been told to, “calm down” or, “be rational” when you are angry, you might have gotten into the habit of stuffing your anger down. Anger, like all emotions, is sacred and often shows up in response to a boundary violation or from recognizing, witnessing, or experiencing injustice. Your anger can be used as a positive tool to make change in your life, the world, or to fuel a passion project.

Processing Depression
The affliction that plagues more than 300 million people around the world is commonly referred to as a mental illness, giving us the impression that there is something wrong with our brains. There is nothing wrong with you if you are experiencing depression. Depression is a is a warning signal from our souls that we are off track and in need of slowing down. 

Processing Anxiety
In week four, we’re processing anxiety, otherwise known as fear, that shows up to keep us safe and comfortable. Anxiety can lead us right to our self-worth wounds and show us that we're not living in the present. It’s a powerful emotion to help us heal and reconnect to self-love. 


Month 3:
Creating Healthy Relationships


We are in relationship to everything: ourselves, our loved ones, every human we come in contact with, our environment, and life itself. The way we feel in all of our relationships teaches us about our self-worth. In module three, you’ll get clear on what your relationships are showing you and the choices you’re making that keep you in unhealthy relationship patterns.

Healing the Wounded Child
Even if you had a lovely childhood and have what you consider to be a healthy relationship with your family, there is always something to heal from our early years of life. This work is about feeling, processing, and connecting to the pain of the child within you and not just about intellectually understand why that part of you is in pain.

Setting Boundaries & Saying No
Many big hearted, generous people have a difficult time saying no and getting clear on what is and is not OK for them. Boundary work is challenging for most of us and can teach you about yourself while transforming your relationships.

Releasing Toxic Relationships
Knowing when to let go of a relationship is a personal decision that can be challenging. Often times setting boundaries does the work for us, but then we find ourselves calling in another toxic relationship. In week three, we’re getting honest about how these patterns keep us out of love and in old, familiar patterns that don’t serve our highest good.

Calling in The Right People
We are all deserving of love and support, but we don’t always make the choices that are aligned with what we really want. This week you’ll learn how we stay stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns and how to break the cycle and call in relationships that serve you.

Month 4:
Discovering Who You Are & Reclaiming Lost Parts of Yourself


Three months of deep healing work will stir things up. Our final month together revolves around a deeper exploration of who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re holding yourself back from living in your truth.

Developing Self Trust
Your intuition is your greatest ally and is something everyone can learn to develop. This week, you’ll learn how to trust yourself and what to do when you feel like you can’t.

Your Inherent Purpose
Each one of us is here for a reason, but not knowing your purpose can cause a great deal of suffering. I’ll share with you the journey to discovering your purpose and how you can be content along the way. 

Using Your Voice
Sensitive people are very creative, though society may have drilled it out of you. Our biggest obstacle is finding the courage and confidence to move through the fear of being seen and heard. 

Creating Your Dreams
Though many of us have great limitations to overcome to recognize this truth: your life can be whatever you want it to be. As you wrap up your fourth month in this program you’ll begin to get clear on what you truly want for your life. 

What’s Included

  • 1:1 Breathwork Healing Sessions with me
    1, 2 or 4 times per month

  • 4 Guided Breathwork Meditations
    1 per month based on that month’s theme

  • 16 Video Teachings
    1 per week based on that month’s theme

  • 4 Workbooks
    1 per month with weekly journaling prompts based on that week's teaching

  • Email support

Your Sessions With Me


Our 1:1 sessions are 75 minutes long. We’ll speak for 30 minutes about how the month’s teaching is showing up in your life and where you’re stuck. I’ll guide you through a 45 minute healing session to help you move through where you’re blocked and in resistance.

Join Relentless Healers: Grounded Soul


Each program option includes all videos, workbooks, and guided meditations. The choices below are based on how often you are choosing to work with me 1:1.

Monthly SESSIONS (sold out)

Work with me once per month plus receive all of the Grounded Soul content. This is best for those with financial limitations and strong self-study capabilities.

$250 per month exchange*



Work with me twice per month plus receive all of the Grounded Soul content.

$375 per month exchange*


Weekly SESSIONS (sold out)

Work with me weekly plus receive all of the Grounded Soul content. This is best for those really ready for deep transformation and fully committed to their healing journey. This is the most supportive way to move through this program and is offered at the best value.

$650 per month exchange*

*There are no refunds or cancellations. Once you sign up you are expected to make your payments each month until the program is completed.



“Working with Michelle in Relentless Healers has been a complete game-changer for me. The consistency of our work every week, over time, has been the catalyst for some of the most profound transformation I have ever experienced. Obviously breathwork as a modality is incredibly effective but there’s something about how Michelle holds space with such compassion, firmness, and total non-judgement that has allowed me to approach the work with more honesty and courage and therefore go deeper into my trauma and pain. Michelle’s guidance both in our conversations and during the breathwork sessions have been so valuable and facilitated so much change for me. I have always tried to DIY my healing but I’m so glad I followed my intuition to commit to Relentless Healers and let Michelle hold my hand, and hold space for me, through these past several months because I feel like it enabled me to heal more quickly and deeply than I could have on my own. Of course healing is lifelong work but I now feel like I have a solid foundation and skills to use on my own for my continued healing, and that is huge! And as a side note, working with Michelle has been a wonderful practice of being vulnerable and receiving support, both of which have always been a challenge for me (especially receiving support when I feel most vulnerable!).”
—Jessica P., USA

“Decades of therapy had made it possible for me to survive and function, but depression kept lurking, repeatedly pulling me into its depths. Yoga and meditation helped but not enough. Function, sink, function, sink: an endless cycle that defined my life until I found Michelle. ‘But I'm 62 and should be over it all by now,’ I whined just before our first session got underway. And she replied, ‘People go to their graves with loads of unresolved pain.’ Right. The work began, and my pain, so much pain, started streaming out of me, as if a suction device had been connected to a deep inner well. I signed up for Michelle's Relentless Healers program, and a few months later the change is undeniable: I have experienced genuine, life-altering healing. Having reached my sixties I was finally beginning to lose hope that the quality of my day-to-day existence would ever improve. But it has, and the difference is nothing less than astonishing.”
—Barbara G., USA

"I'm not sure how I stumbled across your site but I know for sure looking back I was divinely guided there. Breathwork with you, Michelle, has helped me drop deeper in spirit, differentiate between my true self and the ego-self, healed years of trauma and given me my voice back. You hold space for me to be seen, heard and unjudged like I've never experienced before in my life. I'm thankful that Universe guided me to you. Before I worked with you I felt like I was living on a negative loop not growing in any area of life. Now I'm constantly growing, reprogramming limiting beliefs, manifesting good things and healing what isn't serving me. I don't know where I'd be at this point in life without your support. Thank you so much for everything."
—Jade H., USA

“I am a 58 yr old woman who has gotten bruised and a bit beat up by life, (as most of us have!) I've done enough therapy to last a lifetime, or so I believed. I was tired of trying to find ‘the key,’ ‘the answer to it all’ etc, and just wanted peace and healing. I was not familiar with Breathwork, but wanted to give something other than talk therapy a chance.

In each virtual session, every fear, tear, sob, and howl, was met with kindness, compassion, and ‘You're doing great, this is very normal.’ The absolute greatest gift she brings to her healing sessions & her life is her authenticity.

She has no desire to be anyone's hero, answer, or savior, but ultimately wants to empower her clients to know the answers and love lie within themselves. She has shown me that self love comes from understanding even the deepest and most painful parts of my story, and loving them.”
—Julia, B., USA

"Thank you for helping me to lift the layers I've so expertly wallpapered and reinforced year after year. To gently peel them away, mindful of the delicate wounds they smothered. Thank you for helping me find the courage to look, to see, to believeto find parts of me I've buried and set them free." 
—Elizabeth M., Australia

"Last week, my 3-year-old child came to me crying. Something, somebody hurt her feelings. I took her in my arms just holding her, full of love for this beautiful human being, ready to give and forgive everything. I told her that everything is going to be ok. That she is adorable and lovable, that she can do anything and that nobody has the right to hurt her.

Think of someone you really care for. Your child, husband, friend, your dog, your cat. Feel the love that is in you when you think of your loved one. Feel, how big the feeling in you grows and your heart opens. And now - imagine - this unconditional love, you have for yourself.

Grounded Soul with Michelle helps me to connect to this feeling more and more. She shows me what I can do to easily reconnect to my inner truth and worthyness when I feel that I get lost, when I am confused, when the fear is overwhelming. So more and more, I can forgive myself, tell me that I am lovable and beautiful and capable to a do anything I want to. This is a gift, so precious, everybody should give it to oneself. With this program - you can."

—Bea T., Germany

“It’s difficult to put into words the gratitude I have for Michelle & how deeply my life has benefited because of her work. Breathwork has been completely transformative for me & each Pushing Beauty program that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in has been incredible. Grounded Soul is a new level of healing, though.

These past 4 months, I’ve felt as though I’m building a solid & authentic foundation for who I am (the good AND the ugly) and learning to love all of that person. I’ve gained a high quality set of tools for dealing with every moment of life with this program.

I’m someone who participates in a lot of vulnerable, honest healing work & I’ll be honest: this program wasn’t easy. I came up against new forms of resistance almost weekly even for concepts I felt I’d already ‘figured out.’ Michelle’s intuitive guidance was crucial & I’m so happy I went all in for the weekly sessions. This is not a quick fix type of program. Grounded Soul is the foundation for the work of a lifetime. These are the life skills that every human being should be required to learn.”
—Nina M., USA




I stumbled into this practice called Breathwork over five years ago, and my life was forever changed. This work is not a quick fix. You aren't healed after one session. I created Relentless Healers: Grounded Soul because facing our deepest pain and learning how to love ourselves can be the most difficult thing we ever do.

I do this work myself and help support others through it because I have experienced the freedom and joy of knowing all of who I am. After spending a lifetime feeling trapped in my body, insecure, and alone, too much and not enough, I now live a life of purpose where I feel safe, empowered, and in love with who I am. I would be honored to support you in finding that for yourself.

If you still have questions about Relentless Healers: Grounded Soul after reading the FAQ, please feel free to email me with any questions you have.



Q: I've never done Breathwork before. Is that OK?

A: Yup! No experience with any healing work is necessary. The breathing pattern is simple and easy. You’ll be guided through it in the audio meditation as well as in our 1:1 session.

Q: Do I have to do the sessions in order?

A: Yes. They will be rolled out in order to everyone enrolled in the program.

Q: I have a tough time with self-study, is this program for me?

A: If you are someone who has a difficult time with self-study you can still join the program, but should sign up for weekly sessions with me to benefit. You need to be willing to at the very least watch all videos and attempt the monthly meditations on your own.

Q: Is it possible to do just the video portion without signing up for 1:1 sessions?

A: No. This program is only available to those who are willing and able to schedule at least 1 session with me per month.

Q: Are your 1:1 sessions done in-person?

A: All 1:1 sessions are done virtually. That means you get to do your healing work from the comfort of your own home. I work with people all over the world.

Q: Can I do this program without doing Breathwork?

A: No. This program is only available to those willing and interested in developing a Breathwork practice. All of the 1:1 sessions with me include Breathwork.

Q: What if I get behind on the weekly teachings?

A: Not a problem. I encourage you to set aside time to work with the teachings on your own each week, but we all have times when we have more on our plates than usual. You will have access to the videos throughout the four months to catch up as needed.